2 children arrested, charged with aggravated arson in deadly East TN wildfires


2 children arrested, charged with aggravated arson in deadly East TN wildfires



So sad! I wonder how old they are and what the heck they were doing. “Aggravated arson” generally means the suspect intended to set fire to something they had no right to set on fire, but that could just mean they had a campfire going during a drought. I can’t imagine a child having to start off in life knowing that they are responsible for the deaths of 14 innocent people!


To CHILDREN no less. Oh geez, what a tragedy all the way around.



this is not a surprise


There needs to be at least one murder charge imo.

Prison may be the safest place for these 2 for a very very long time!


The media is despicable. When they want sympathy for criminals they are “children” even if they are 19 years old. Other sources say they were teens, and some reports say they are Muslims. This may have been an act of terrorism.


Pray for them.


God willing they get psychological counseling if they need it. Geez…


Didnt they release pictures of the two they arrested for this about 10-12 days ago? I remember seeing the 2 guys, one was in his late 40s to 50s and the other looked to be in his mid 20s, not sure whatever happened to them?


I think they’ll need more counseling after this ordeal than they needed before. I hope they aren’t charged as adults, it they are these two lives are over. I think that’s something we need to move away from.

I say try them as the children they are. Kids don’t understand consequences. Until we know more I’m not going to assume malice. Starting fires is something many kids do. My worst was “accidentally” setting a field on fire. The fire was stopped right at the tree line. Luckily it was nowhere near residential areas but it could have been really, really bad. Ended up burning more than a football field’s worth of dry grass.


The media in Knoxville (app. 30 miles from Gatlinburg) has identified the individuals as teens. There has been no mention of them being Muslims. They are being held and it has not been decided if they will get bail. Meanwhile it also has not been decided on whether to charge them as adults.


Not the media.
The only mention of condolences was the head of TBI:

TBI Director Gwyn sent his condolences to the family members of those who died in the fires, as well as residents of Sevier County.


Their lives are over even if they only get probation, I do not think they would be safe anywhere they choose to move, this fire killed many and the destruction was epic, once their names become public, people will remember them for a lifetime.

The level of destruction this fire caused…I cannot think of anyone that will be sympathetic to them, from the inmates and staff at the jail, the judge hearing their case, even their lawyers!


I wouldn’t be so doom and gloom. First of all, if they are minors, their names may never be released to the public. Second of all, if and when the whole story comes out, it might turn out that it wasn’t junior Islamic terrorists trying to intentionally destroy Appalachia, but a couple of dump kids playing with a bonfire, who truly had no idea how quickly a fire can spread and become unstoppable.

I have to admit, I once got myself in a bit of trouble with fire and I was an adult and had no idea how quickly fire can spread. I was picking up sticks in my yard that had fallen after a torrential rain with high winds the night before. We had our fire pit under the deck and I got the idea to pull it out and light up the sticks and twigs in the firepit. However, after I finished dumping them all in, the flames became really high and I was concerned about my deck so I moved the fire to the middle of my back yard. THe ground was a swamp and I figured it would be perfectly safe. Unfortunately, the grass was long and dried up from the last few weeks of August and I watched in complete horror and confusion as the fire spread across my backyard (over standing water, mind you!) in less than five minutes! I had to call 911 so the firefighters could come put it out! The flames were lapping up against the side of my deck and had gone into my neighbors’ yard. I never dreamed in a million years that something like that could happen, but it did! I got to have a really embarrassing discussion with the police as I tried to convince them that I had NOT intentionally set my yard on fire. (which apparently some people do and is against the law in my town.) Fortunately, I wasn’t charged and nothing significant was damaged. My point is that teenagers aren’t the brightest things in the world and unless there’s evidence that they actually meant to cause damage and harm, I would hope that they would not have to worry about being murdered in their beds.


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