2 Chronicles 6:36 - Mary


2 Chronicles 6:36
“If they sin against thee—for there is no man who does not sin—and thou art angry with them, and dost give them to an enemy, so that they are carried away captive to a land far or near”

How does this verse work with Mary’s Sinlessness?

Just trying to understand. the Haydock commentary skipped this verse :confused:


Given the fact that Jesus was fully man, I’d submit that there are exceptions to this rule.
mary, being the Mother of Jesus could just as well have been an exception to this as well.
The Bible isn’t a stranger to setting out a broad truth about mankind and then offering examples that break the rule.
Romans says that there is no man who does good, no not one. But the book of Acts calls Barnabas a good man.

The trick is in understanding how the Bible portrays man and God’s sovereignty.
He is indeed sinful, fallen, broken, as says traditional Christianity generally, and Catholic dogma specifically. But that’s far off from Calvinistic ideologies of total depravity where all mankind is desperately wicked and can’t do good to save his life.

Man is fallen, but God is and has always been in the business of making saints out of sinners. Some are saved earlier in their lives, others backslide and have moments of weakness, but God preserves them.
The fact that God would choose one human woman, Mary, to preserve entirely from sin from her earliest moments, doesn’t contradict at all his truth that without his special grace, she would have been sinful, fallen, and broken too.

  1. Written before the Incarnation.
  2. A chronicle, not a prophetic book
  3. Thus, speaks only to those who were alive on or before the date it was written (400 BC more or less).



Note that this is Solomon speaking, and Solomon, despite being wise, didn’t know everything. Thus, it’s possible for him to say something that turns out not to be universally true.


Hail - full of grace - did she at some point lose Gods grace - no.

If you were lucky enough to have Jesus with you guiding you and teaching you every day of your life in the flesh and with full knowledge of who Jesus is - would you be living a sinful life

Jesus would of protected her at all times with the love they had for each other.

Mary was fully aware of Jesus’s divinity and as the angel says full of Gods grace - do people claim she lost this grace? Are people saying she rebeled against her son did not listen to him or allow him to guild her and choose sin instead?


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