2 days of gunfights leaves 24 dead in Northern Mexico


Mexico City (AFP) - The death toll from two days of gunfights in Mexico’s northern state of Tamaulipas has risen to 24 after authorities reported six more slayings in the drug violence-plagued region.

Authorities said 15 men and two women were killed on Sunday in a series of shootings between criminal groups in the towns of Tampico and Ciudad Madero, on the Gulf of Mexico coast.


Soldiers recovered a pick-up truck, three AK-47 and one AR-15 assault rifle, one grenade and two bulletproof vests.

Some 80,000 people have been killed in drug violence in Mexico since 2006.


The recent spike in lime prices is linked to an attempt by gangs to strong-arm the lime export market. With the increased legalization of marijuana in the USA, loss of revenue to drug traffickers has forced branching out into lime markets and has also brought an increase in heroin production leading to addiction and death in the USA apart from the gun violence it spawned in Mexico. May God have mercy on us all.



uh oh I have to pass through tamulipas this friday:eek: To get to mexico city!!! I will need to be very careful in Nuevo Laredo when I cross the border I guess. Thanks for posting!


Praying for all affected. Praying for the repose of the souls who died.


Darned if I know what the answer to this violence is. The war on drugs has never worked very well and would be considered a failure by any standard used to gage wars. Legalization would solve some problems but would create new ones. One would think that we would have learned with Prohibition that addictions can not be legislated or incarcerated away.


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