2 Easter Vigil Masses at one parish


My parish has a large Spanish-speaking contingent. It seems that it essentially functions as two parishes under one roof. There are a lot of issues associated with this-for example bulletin announcements written in Spanish with no English version in what is otherwise a bi-lingual issue. The question at hand though is whether it is allowable to put on one vigil Mass in English and another in Spanish 3 hours later?


We have a lot of Polish so what they did is every reading and psalm alternated between English and Polish.


Yes it’s fine. I know plenty of parishes that do similar at Christmas, having an early evening Mass for families with young children as well as the more traditional Midnight Mass.


It is stated in my Missal “Where a pastoral reason requires it, the local Ordinary may permit another Mass to be celebrated in churches and oratories in the evening…”

So, with the local Bishop’s permission, this is fine.


We have one in Spanish and one in English. But it is the Cathedral parish so the Bishop must approve of it since he knows what goes on in the parish. We did do Holy Thursday Mass bilingual though.


My parish has a similar situation. All commentator parts were in both languages, the homily was in both. the nine reading up to the gospel alternated between english and spanish, while the gospel was in both. the indiviual BAPTISMS AND CONFIRMATIONS were in the preferred language of the person receiving them. This does make for a long service we started at 08;30 pm and ended just before midnight.
Also all other services during Holy Week were bilingual at this parish.


Yes, this is how it went at our parish also. While 2 masses may be okay to do, I like the idea of one multi-cultural mass, as it seems to be in keeping with the fact that we are ONE church, and a community of believers with more similarities than differences…our vigil had readings in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Somoan, and it was beautiful!


I thought the Easter Vigil Masses had to begin at sundown?
How could you have a mass 3 hours later?
Or is the beginning at sundown a Bishop ruling as well?


The Monastery in my town had a bilingual Vigil followed by a Phillipine Mass at 4am; that mass was however, not a Vigil.



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