2 Events Unsettle Jewish Students at Brown


Two events at Brown University last week have unsettled Jewish students. First, a lecture having nothing to do with Israel was called off after students petitioned the lecturer to refuse to participate in any event co-sponsored by Hillel, as the lecture was to have been. Then anti-Semitic and homophobic graffiti appeared in a residence hall that includes a Jewish fraternity and a coed fraternity that is home to gay and lesbian students.


[T]he petition said that the activities of Hillel in bringing a transgender speaker to campus were part of a strategy of “Israeli advocacy organizations (like Hillel) … engaging in pinkwashing, a strategy that tries to improve Israel’s image and rebrand it as a liberal, modern and ‘hip’ country. By shifting the focus to a very narrow definition of LGBTQ rights (exclusively for queer Israelis and not for queer Palestinians), Israel uses pinkwashing to deflect attention from Israel’s colonization and occupation of Palestine and the violence that is being carried out against Palestinians.” (The lecture was not expected to focus on Israel.)



They shouldn’t have to “pinkwash” anything. College campuses should be open to free speech, but there is a double standard against pro-Israel folks and conservative students.


It depends on the school.


If it’s pinkwashing for a ‘bad’ group to sponsors a LGBT+who knows group what do you call it when sponsor a feminist group?


If only this were an isolated case. But it’s like an anti-Israeli epidemic that’s slowing spreading throughout college campuses.

A couple of other items of interest:

Just as black students shouldn’t be told what is and isn’t racism, LGBTQ students shouldn’t be told how to feel about homophobia, Jewish students shouldn’t be told “this isn’t anti-Semitism.” We know our own identity. When someone calls us a “Zionist Nazi,” they are attacking our religious, personal and communal identity at its very core.

Anti-Zionism is the face of contemporary anti-Semitism: Guest commentary

Students have the right to express themselves. But they do not have the right to forcibly prevent others from exercising that same right. It is incumbent on university administrators to teach students how to be part of a respectful and civil community. We protect members of the campus community who face homophobia, sexual harassment or racial injustice. There are lines that cannot be crossed on American campuses, and anti-Semitism should be one of them.

California must ensure safety for Jewish students

And this, from which I have no desire to quote:

SJP: Petitioning against Hillel is not anti-Semitic


Pinkwashing? lol. I really don’t know whether I should continue laughing or if I should cry.

Parents, the $70,000 dollars you are spending on Junior’s tuition has paid for “Pinkwashing.”


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