2 kids, Hit & Run, Driver Flees but caught by witness, Driver NOT arrested?

This will make you want to cry. Thankfully a neighbor was a witness and stopped the driver. But how sick is this driver? And why the heck is he NOT in jail?

What would make someone leave the scene of an accident like this. I understand accidents happen. But then to accelerate the car to flee? The driver was not arrested.

PRAYERS NEEDED for these 2 young girls and for the soul of the driver.

[INDENT]**Witness halts fleeing driver after two Mishawaka girls struck

Sisters, ages 4 and 6, are listed in critical condition after car hits them.
Tribune Staff Writer

MISHAWAKA — Two young girls, sisters, were in critical condition late Thursday after being run down earlier in the evening while crossing the street arm-in-arm after playing with friends.
. . .
According to witnesses, the two girls, ages 4 and 6, were crossing 11th Street at Dodge Street about 7:18 p.m. when a man traveling west on 11th in a blue Chevrolet Lumina struck both of them at about 40 mph.

“No sooner had they crossed the street than I heard tires lock up and, 'Boom! Boom!,'æ” said Alan Knepp, who was standing just up the street when the girls were hit.
**[INDENT]Knepp said the younger girl passed quickly beneath the vehicle, but her older sister rode the hood for several seconds before falling beneath the front end and then under both driver’s side tires.

The girls behind him, the driver then hit the gas, witnesses said, but stopped when Knepp, who was legally carrying a gun, jumped in front of the vehicle and trained his weapon on it.**
Approached by Knepp, the driver reportedly said the girls had jumped out in front of him. He then handed his keys to Knepp and stood silently next to his vehicle until police arrived.

The girls, meanwhile, lay nearly lifeless in the road, witnesses said. The younger one initially was not breathing, and the older one’s limbs and neck were badly twisted.

Fetched by a neighbor, the girls’ mother arrived moments later and reportedly passed out at the sight of her daughters’ motionless bodies.
. . .
At various distances behind it, four small shoes, all pink, were lying on the asphalt.

Sadly, the younger girl has died.

South Bend Tribune

Why is anyone surprised? Drivers get away with murder all the time. DUI still isn’t taken seriously, drunks are allowed keep their licenses so they can go to work (supposedly) and attend some laughable “treatment” program.

And when a driver (drunk or not) kills somebody the first presumption is that it’s somehow the victim’s fault. If they ever are charged it’s for “vehicular homicide”, sentenced to three years and probably serve less.

I hope this guy and drivers like him burn in Hell.

*We shouldn’t wish for someone to burn in hell. :frowning:

I am so saddened for the families of these girls…and I pray for justice to be done here, whatever that might be. *

The situation is tragic. I would be horrified if my neighbor were to lose two daughters in this manner.

He was taken to the police station and released. Apparently he hasn’t been charged with anything, pending the toxicology report, which one television station is saying won’t be released for 3 - 4 weeks. It seems like an awful long time.

I will pray for the surviving sister that she lives and that all involved get the help and support they need. I will even pray for the driver. However he felt when he hit the girls, he must have been in shock. So often people hit and then run, so it must be an impulse. It does not mean he did it on purpose and I am sure he is suffering too. I hate driving slow, except when I get into a subdivision, because this story is not an isolated incident.

I had a friend many years ago that hit a small child that ran from between two parked cars on a very narrow street. It was not his fault there was no way he could have seen this child. Every night he went to bed or when he closed his eyes he said he saw the body of the child just like he saw it when he stopped and realized what his car had hit.

I don’t know about this case. But lets all pray for everyone involved and pray justice is done for everyone.

Agreed. And russian criminal drivers will go to be eternally toasted with them.
You won’t beleive me maybe, but in russia to knock people to death is became a kind of national “fun”. :mad:
They likely to made a some horrible competiton, who will hit more people. I can’t give any link to that news (the news had been deleted, and they were in russian language). For example, 18-year-old policemen drove into crowd and injured and killed 18 people who were waiting for bus. Other driver (not policemen, but rich impudent drunken civilian) drove from traffic jam right on sidewalk into crowd, and was driving, brutally killing anyone in this way (pieces of human bodies were founded later in radius about several meters around), until he crashed into gas station poster. His car went in fire, but infortunately someone dumb used fire extinguser and saved this dirty low life.
Both of them get nothing for their actions.
I can go on with such facts… But I won’t because this will be a HUGE thread, full of horror.

The accident happened in May and the little girl (4) died then. The older girl died in July. :frowning:

No one ever updated the thread though. How awful for their poor parents. :frowning:

Hoover has been sentenced to 60 days in jail, but some stipulations mean he will likely only spend 5-10 days of actual jail time and have his license suspended for a year and probation for an additional year after that. Both the girls have passed away. This is a tragic scenario and I would wish this on no one.

Please be mindful that Hoover was determined to NOT be at fault for the accident. Innocent until proven guilty, or are people not afforded this anymore? No, we gave that up when we became afraid. Foolish… Regardless, I beg you all to please remain mindful of all parties in a tragedy and try to see an incident from more than one perspective. Do not give into rage or vengeance, they do not serve you.

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