2 million Colombians request referendum to ban gay adoption


A petition signed by over 2 million

Colombians against same sex couples adopting children, was presented to Congress on Tuesday in an attempt to rewind legislation allowing gay couples to adopt.

Senator Viviane Morales (Liberal Party) put forward the appeal for Congress to endorse a referendum that would allow the Colombian people to decide whether or not gay couples should be permitted to adopt children.



Gay adoption is wrong. No child should ever have to experience being raised by same-sex partners if they don’t want to. Every child needs a mother and a father.


As in the United States, this was imposed on Columbia by the courts, not by the people.


Every child needs a mother and a father? What’s better for the child, the drug addled abusive mother and father, or the loving gay couple willing to take the child in?


A loving mother and father is best


I do not know what is morally better.


Well that is sad.


As someone whose son is raising my grandchildren with his husband, I do find this sad.

Children need love. Plain and simple. Whether that comes from a mom and a dad, two dads, two moms, one parent, or another relative is irrelevant. The vast majority of adults who were raised by gay couples are absolutely fine and take offense to things like this (granted, there is occasionally someone who appears and condemns the fact that they were raised by gay parents; this is used as ammunition against gay couples, despite the fact that you can find just as many people, if not more, who resent having been raised by a single parent).


My personal disposition is that if one or two people can provide a loving home and can afford to raise a child then I’ve got no objections to such a parent raising a child.


No one should doubt that a child needs both a mother and a father (I speak of any household wherein the lack of one or the other or both is present), unfortunately we live in a world where the needs of adults comes before that of a child.


My son and his husband found both their children by being foster parents first. They took in countless kids before adopting and continue to do so today.

How exactly are they putting their needs before the kids? Give me a break.


You are correct, Finite, and most of the research we have on this subject backs you up. But, as I am sure you understand, a lot of society is catching up to what we have learned. Prejudices remain strong in many places.

I am very happy that your grandchildren are being raised in an intact home. That is a ++ for all concerned.


If love was enough, there wouldn’t be those who were raised in same-sex households who have spoken of their yearning for a parent who wasn’t there.




Because anecdotal evidence from a very small number of people is proof that gay people shouldn’t adopt?


False dichotomy. Would you think it fair question if I asked if it were better to be raised by a single parent or a homosexual couple that sexually abused him? Well, we do not need to guess at this morally. The Holy Father has specifically addressed this issue.


I was just getting a feel for the extent he felt gay adoption to be wrong… That being said, of course it is better for a child to be raised in a loving home by their parents, but that is simply not a possibility for a significant number of children. There is no evidence that gay couples do not provide a suitable alternative in those cases, especially with an over crowded and broken foster care system.


I always see this “argument” brought up. You have anecdotal evidence. As do I. They contradict each other. We are then left with the reality: the vast majority of kids who grow up raised by same sex couples disagree with you. I’m sorry if that’s inconvenient for your “argument”.

And I’d be willing to bet they know a little more about this subject than anyone on this forum.


I think I read before that in the USA alone, there are 2 million couples looking to adopt (not sure about foster numbers), and I’m guessing a small percentage of that are same-sex couples, so why should there be a choice of a child living in a foster home or living with a same-sex couple, when there are so many many male-female couples looking to adopt and/or foster? Although not an adopted or foster child’s biological parents, a male-female couple can provide a child with a mother and father, and you may argue this is unimportant of that a male-male or female-female is just as good, but if love were all that is needed and gender doesn’t matter, then it’s curious that in the past I think I have heard and/or read homosexual individuals in support of homosexual couples raising children discuss how their child will get the opposite gender influences in their lives from other family members or friends - but transient friends or family can not make up the loss of a permanent presence of a mother or father.


I’d be surpised if any adoption agency showed preference to gay couples.

When a child is placed with a gay couple, there’s a good reason for it. It’s not because they’re gay. It’s because they were clearly the applicants best suited for the adoption. And yes, there are many times a certain gay couple just happens to be better suited to adopt than their counterparts who apply.

It’s the same the other way around. There are many gay couples who are passed over for another couple who happens to be heterosexual. Their sexuality is irrelevant. The other couple was just better qualified in that situation.

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