2 min video of Sr. Jacinta's entrance into the Novitiate


Congratulations to Sr. Jacinta from Ohio with your entrance into the Novitiate with the
Poor Friars and Poor Nuns!
We ask for all viewers to of this post to pray for Sr. Jacinta and her Holy Perseverance!

Click on this image to see the 2 minute video of the ceremony of her entrance into the novitiate:



Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:




That ceremony is so public compared with others I’ve experienced or known of from other communities!

When I became a canonical novice in the monastery, it was only the community of nuns present – not even my family.

The active Carmelite community I nearly entered had the same practice – community only for the investiture rite and entry into the years of novice before vows (after Matins or Lauds), and a very public mass for the profession of vows.

I love the traditions of each family of religious. So beautiful how tradition and ministry get tied together in each group.

May God bless Sr Jacinta and her community!


Thank you all, we are so very happy to share this with you and the great joy that we are all experiencing with our steady growth of vocations (praise God)!


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