2 Multiple Sclerosis Patients Improve From Stem Cell Therapy

But of course, they had to travel to Mexico to do it. 2 New Jersey women suffering from Multiple Sclerosis have reported improvements in their quality of life after traveling to Mexico for stem cell therapy- using Adult Stem Cells.

Stem Cell Treatment Gets MS Patient Out of Wheelchair

Before the stem cell treatment, Donna was wheelchair bound for the last two years. And now, just days after the stem cell therapy, Donna was able to stand up and walk without the wheelchair. A blurry left eye is now able to see clearly thanks to the adult stem cells. And feeling has returned to her hands and feet.

As for Nina, she has improved as well. She was able to walk across her house without any canes and she says there are fewer “two cane days” as well.
Inspired by the Music of Adult Stem Cells. Nina Palumbo and Donna Vander Ploeg were the two ladies.

And the reason Nina was inspired to go for stem cell treatment in the first place was a man named Paul Nicholas, a multiple sclerosis patient as well as a musician. Nicholas had traveled to Mexico two years ago.

From the stem cell article:
He was “drooling in a wheelchair” before he received the treatment two years ago. When he returned, his family didn’t recognize him at the airport — and since then, he’s had a new lease on life.
“Going for adult stem cells was the best thing I have ever done for myself, in my whole life,” Nicholas said. “We are always told, ‘There are no second chances’ — and I can now say, ‘Yes there are.’”

Read the whole thing at Stem Cell Research

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Why isn’t this front page news??! This is too good to be contained on only a small Catholic forum. It should be out there for the world to see. Oh wait, it’s because she was healed from ADULT stem cells and not fetal!

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