2 Mural Paintings Portraying Heaven and Hell Discovered in Syria

Archaeological discoveries: Two mural paintings portraying Heaven and Hell were discovered at al-Marqab Citadel in Tartous, Director-General of Ruins and Museums Bassam Jamous said to Syrian al-Thawra Daily on Saturday.

Jamous indicated that the paintings reveal the sophisticated capabilities of the Syrian artists and highlight social and religious rituals.

He added the analysis of the two paintings would lead to important results that give an insight into the social and ritualistic connotations.

Jamous said that the national mission at Tal al-Mosherfa unearthed a number of tombs dating back to the Middle Bronze era, around 700 B.C., as well as dozens of ancient pieces like earthenware containers, stressing that decoding them would expand knowledge of that era.

al-Marqab Citadel located only 6 Km from Banias, this magnificent castle sits on the side of an extinct volcano, over watching the sea. Called Qalaat Al Marqab in Arabic it means Castle of the watchtower. This is where Richard the Lionheart landed at the beginning of the third crusade.

Founded in 1062 by the Muslim Arabs it was then taken over by the Byzantines then somehow passed into the hands of the principality of Antioch at an unknown date. It was then sold to the Hospitallers in 1186 and was rebuilt to the latest Frankish military standards of architecture and used by the crusaders until it fell into the hands of Sultan Qalaun in 1285, after only 5 weeks of battle.

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