2 tips for dryer sheet uses


First tip… If you want to save money on electricity and gas and dont want to use your self cleaning oven thing, just go to the store and get the cheapest dryer sheets around and wet a whole bunch of them down and lay them flat on the inside of your oven even on the back, sides and top and leave there wet with the door closed for a day or two and your stuck on food that has been there for ages will just wipe out and make your oven look like brand new.

Second tip. Tired of fighting soap scum, and stuff on your shower doors? Just wet your shower doors down and wet a few dryer sheets and use that to just wipe down the doors really good and then just rinse… Now you have clean shower doors and it didnt really cost you that much.


After using them in the dryer they will clean chrome faucets to a high shine. A plumber told me that one and it works perfectly.


I sometimes throw a few used sheets in ths sink to soak with some pots and pans that have baked on food.


Put rhem in your hat. They keep deer flies away.


I have for years used my used dryer sheets to scrub my pots and pans and other baked on food in casserole dishes, etc. I keep them in a container under the sink.


Put one in the bottom of the kitchen garbage to keep it from stinking in hot weather. :slight_smile:


I read one time that if you ever have had a problem with bees or wasps building nests in your mailbox that all you have to do (after you get rid of the nest) is put a dryer sheet in the bottom back of the mailbox, (you may have to use a bit of tape) and they will never come back. Why? I don’t know but it works.


Well, we heard that you can use fabric softner sheets as mosquito repellant by rubbing them on your skin. We tried it one night and it worked!


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