2 weeks with the Zune HD

It’s taken some doing but I am very pleased with my new MP3 player. Why? Because I can download EWTN’s roster of podcasts–homilies, open line forums, Fr. M. Pacwa’s shows and take some faith-building media with me. I can choose to listen to my catholic music collection or enjoy a slideshow of my favorite icons. The Zune and the software made it easy for me, an old bonehead who still listens to AM radio and classic country music.

The device is a blessing especially when I go to the gym. I can now block out the blaring pop music and listen to Mother Angelica while trotting on the treadmill.


Another good pod cast to tune is ‘Catholic: Under the Hood’. I get it through the iTunes software.


Tnx, Mark.

This is great! How did you do it? I too have an Zune HD and have been searching for this answer.


I went to zune.net. I typed in *Catholic:Under the hood *in the search engine and came up with three matches under the Podcast series.

I hope this helps.

**UPDATE: ** I am now downloading the introduction to the liturgy of the hours in this same series!


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