2 yr old gets to stay for a while! :)


I have temporary custody of my niece while her parents work out some serious problems. Their other child may be placed with my parents soon. I talked with the caseworker and she is going to stay a while. I am happy because this gives me more time to address all the medical stuff and I was worried about sending her home into a very unstable situation. So I have a two year old for Christmas. This is likely to be a longer situation than I originally planned so we are having to put a lot of our plans on hold. I also need to come up with a way to explain all of this to my 3 kids 9,7, and 5. My youngest had just gone to kindergarden so I had been taking college clases and had planned on going to work part time at least while the kids were in school. Now of course I need to stay home and give my niece the attention she needs. Any advice for me?


Praise God! :extrahappy:

Well, *you *had planned on going back to work part-time, and *God *had other plans :slight_smile: My advice would be to pray for His guidance in your life right now. I’m sure He is much more pleased with your work in the life of your niece than if you worked just as hard at your college courses and job. Ultimately, out task is to please the Lord :thumbsup:


I think our new family motto should be men plan…God laughs Now I need to make a christmas list for abby things. She will need her own stocking and stocking holder and presents. The funny thing is many things in my life were coming together so this could happen I just didn’t see the divine design until lately.


Thankfully Abby will have a stable home life while her parents get their act together.
I hate to dampen your excitement, I just want you to be cautious and realize she will eventually be going back home. I know you had already expressed on an earlier thread how quickly you’ve become attached to her. Since she is staying longer I’m sure your children will get attached as well. A key point that everyone in your family must be made aware of is that Abby will eventually go back home to her parents. I know this sounds mean but clearly stating that you all are helping Abby to eventually be reunited with her parents will help everyone with the adjustment once that time comes.

God bless you for being there for this precious child.




You have hit the nail on the head how to tell the kids that abby is staying for a while possible 2-6 months but then is going home. They are going to get attached too. Eventually she will have to go home. She will need to go home. I don’t think they cover this in the parenting book.


Get attached!

Love her fully and completely while she is with you. She will need to take that home with her.

You will all miss her terribly whether you “hold back” or not.

Loving her with no reservations will actually make it **easier **to give her back, knowing you did everything you could to make her life better and gave her all the love she needs.

Who knows, you may end up keeping her.


Oh I have gone over the attachment hill from day one. The hardest is going to be for my 9 yr old autistic son. He is just accepting her into his routine and it is going to really affect him when she goes. We love and adore her and would keep her in a second. We also realize that her parents are trying and will hopefully be in a position to have her in their home again. I pray for them and us.


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