20/20 show Friday, Feb. 6, at 10 PM (est) - N. Y. Madame names CEO's


“Some of these guys, I was invoicing on corporate credit cards,” she said. “I was writing up monthly bills for computer consulting, construction expenses, all of these things, I was invoicing them monthly so they could get it by their accountants,” Davis said…

Wall Street Exposed as Convicted Escort Boss Reveals Client List of 9,800…

Manhattan psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, who works with many Wall Street clients, told ABC News that many of his clients who patronize escort services are accustomed to high risks and high stakes on the job, and seeing a prostitute, especially if one is married, provides the same rush. “You’re playing with fire…it’s part of the culture of Wall Street. A lot of drugs, cocaine use, fast times, sex–it’s part of the culture.”

Her book is due out shortly.

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