20 Days for Our Lady

20 Days for Our Lady.

In order to encourage devotion to Our Lady and assist prayer life of the Faithful, the ICKSP at Preston UK have decided to livestream their Daily Offices via Youtube between 19th November 2020 to 8th December 2020 (The Feast of the Immaculate Conception)

The times of transmission are as follows.

N.B. These times shown below are in GMT ie. “London time”, however the corresponding times of the transmissions for any other locality on the planet can easily be obtained by using the following link:

7:30 am Lauds, 8 am Meditation and 8:30 am Holy Mass. 5:30 pm Vespers, 6 pm Adoration and 7 pm Compline.

The Youtube site for the broadcasts is to be reached on:


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