20 foot fall putting up Christmas lights in front of St.Mary's church


In front of a Saint Mary’s Catholic church, my friend Ray was working for the town putting up Christmas lights in the center of town. The bucket truck he was working was accidently struck by another truck knocking Ray to the pavement over 20 feet below. Ray is in critical condition with what we are led to believe, severe head injuries.

Especially due to the ironic nature of this accident being in front of St. Mary’s while decorating to celerate the birth of her son Jesus, please pray for Ray.


Ray is in my prayers. Thank you for letting us know that we might know to pray for him specifically.


Ray will be in my prayers as well.


Ray was working on hanging lights for the town. He was hanging lights in the town center. The town has strung lights all through the center for as long as I can remember.

The section of lights Ray was working on hanging when the accident occured has been placed on a seperate switch and will remain turned off until Ray himself can throw the switch.

What a day that will be.

Ray is still in an induced comma. It’s been a week.

Please keep praying, especially asking our Blessed Mother to pray with us. It was in front of Saint Mary’s Parish that the accident occured.




Prayers going up. God bless Ray, his family, and all of you, his friends.


Also praying


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