20 Hostages and Six Gunmen Killed in Bangladesh Attack


NY Times:

20 Hostages and Six Gunmen Killed in Bangladesh Attack

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Bangladeshi troops stormed an upscale restaurant in Dhaka’s diplomatic quarter on Saturday, ending an 11-hour standoff with gunmen who had hacked patrons to death and sent photos of the carnage to the Islamic State.The authorities said 20 hostages, most of them foreigners, had been killed in the siege, the deadliest and boldest in an accelerating series of attacks by Islamist militants that have shaken the country’s secular underpinnings.

Most of the victims were “ferociously” attacked with sharp weapons, a military spokesman said. A kitchen worker who had escaped said the attackers were armed with pistols, swords and bombs.
A team of elite army commandos rescued 13 hostages and killed six attackers in the raid on Saturday morning, the military said. A seventh attacker was arrested.
The identities and nationalities of the attackers were not released.
The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, in which at least 30 people were wounded, mostly from shrapnel. Two police officers were killed in the initial standoff.


The Jayvee team is everywhere.


The death toll continues to rise as the Jayvee team spreads their terror and violence around the world.


I don’t really know the answer to this, but to treat it all as the lies put out by the vast right wing conspiracy is just tawdry.

There is a real problem here.


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