20-Mar-08 - Teen STD Study Blasted, Criticized as ''Unsound'' [via EWTN]

Denver, Mar 20, 2008 (CNA).- The former state director of the Colorado Abstinence Education Program has attacked the media coverage of a recent Center…

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I never believed that study anyway. Roanoker

True abstinence = no type of sexual contact between persons. Thus it is 100% effective.

Adams claimed the CDC study was not a “scientifically sound model.” She said that although the CDC had disallowed some Colorado risk behavior data because the reports did not achieve a minimum of 1,000 randomly selected respondents, “the reported CDC study used a sample size of 838 self-selecting participants and is being reported as a reflection of more than 3.2 million young women nationwide.”

What does this mean by self selecting?

It means the respondents have chosen to participate in the study… or chosen not to be in the study. The problem with self-selecting is that unknown factors may be determining who chooses to participate or chooses not to participate. These unknown factors could bias the results, so self-selection is seen as contrary to objective studies.

Self-selecting is why internet polls, in which publicity efforts often determine who actually votes, are regarded as invalid and of no worth.


Here’s the original letter.

This is what self selected means:
<<Self-Selected Survey - Newspapers, Mail, Internet and Written Questionnaires

When an agency has a political need to create a survey process that allows anyone who is interested to respond, it can do a self-selected process. A written survey can be distributed in public locations, such as the City Hall or Library, mailed directly, e-mailed or published in the city newsletter or the local newspaper.

When reporting data from a self-selected survey, it is important to begin with the understanding and the language, “Of those who chose to respond�…” Most often, those who volunteer to respond to a self-selected survey have a strong opinion (frequently negative) about the issue being discussed.

A self-selected survey, however, can be an excellent public relations tool and a good way of giving information to the public. But, extreme caution must be exercised in drawing any conclusion about what the public, in general, thinks based upon the results from a survey when the respondents are volunteers. >>

Thank you both. I understand now. :slight_smile:

:eek: Wait! Condoms do not decrease the chance of getting an STD so if I got married to a girl who has an STD (which is now very probable at this rate) I may get it also even with a condom!?! So I have to either become a monk (which is not horrible just did not ever really plan that for my life), have a marriage with no sex (that will go over well, not), or simply be single for my whole life (actually becoming a monk sounds a lot better then the second two)

Either that’s true (I feel sorry for you), you’re trolling (…), or you’re just speaking with a really condescending tone (used to that, everyone on-site at Six Flags was doing that during my job interview).

I can’t really say anything about it until I see the data for myself.

Condoms do not decrease the chances of contracting some STD’s.
And, yes, sad to say, you’re probably correct that there’s a much higher chance of marrying someone with an STD these days.Popular culture & current societal norms have been toxic to kids.

How do you define sexual contact?

Probably the same way you all define it in the North of Ireland :wink:

Haaa, well see is sexual contact anything that gets one aroused?
Kissing can get people aroused, as can even talking or innocent touching.
Where do we define sexual contact at?

I think we all know this, but if you’re in doubt check with your parish priest or physician.

I know! But on other sub-forums here sexual contact has been defined as more than a bit of touchy-feely and hanky-panky.

Please don’t ask former Pres Clinton for his definition. It will only muddy the waters.:eek:

How about just sending your wife to the doctor so she can be cured? :o

Unless I have been misinformed of the 300+ STDs only three are easily cured. Many have no cure at all. Some can lead to death.

Oh well society says it is ok to have sex with anyone. I don’t understand this type of risk taking.

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