20 Years Old And Still Not Confirmed

I am 20 years old and I still haven’t been confirmed in the Church. When I was at the age that it is usually received, I was not a practicing Catholic and neither was my family. I was wondering if there is anyone on here that has received Confirmation at a late age and if so, what did you do to receive it? I’m not sure how to receive it at this point in my life. I looked up on my parish website and it says that confirmation classes are available for Catholics in 8-10th grades but it says nothing about adults. I want to get ahold of my priest to talk to him about it but he’s always very busy and he almost never has the time to talk, plus I have a very tight work schedule.

It is never to late to be confirmed! I was in my fourties when I was finally confirmed. Please make an appointment to talk to a Priest. If the priest is too busy, consider making an appointment with a Deacon of your chuch because many times, they are the ones that can point you in the right dierection also. Many churches have special confirmation classes for adults, but even if yours doesn’t, you may attend with the teens. Good luck and keep us updated!

If you cannot meet with your parish priest, I would find another priest then. This is too important to put off, not because of your age but to fully join the Catholic Faith! :thumbsup:

Trust me, A LOT of adults gets confirmed, and they won’t have you attending classes with the junior high crowd. :thumbsup:

Many Catholics do not get confirmed until they are adults. RCIA is not only for adults to enter into the Church but also for Catholics to complete their sacraments. You certainly can and should meet with the Priest, but I suspect that they will refer you to the parish RCIA Director. BTW, the best way to have a long discussion with a Priest is to call the Parish Office and make an appointment.

May God guide you and bless you on your journey.


My son was about your age when he was confirmed. He was mid-way through the classes required to be confirmed with his high school class when we moved to a different state. The move was a little rough on him, the new church had a different confirmation schedule, and he refused to begin the classes again.

Eventually he talked to the priest in private and they agreed on a path for him to be confirmed that satisfied them both.

Talk to your priest, or find a priest who will work with you! I don’t know if you live anywhere near a university, but a campus church whose main population is students your age might be a good place to start.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Actually, RCIA is only for those who will be baptized or received into the Church from outside. However, many parishes who do not have an adult confirmation program will have adult Catholics who need confirmation attend RCIA classes to help them learn the faith. Ordinarily, they would not go through the various RCIA rites and would be confirmed at the bishop’s next visit. If the bishop doesn’t come every year, he will probably delegate confirmations to the pastor at the Easter Vigil with the RCIA candidates and catechumens.

My diocese offers confirmation classes for adults. This probably isn’t the practice everywhere. Make an appt with the priest or deacon. I’m sure you can get an appt if you call the parish office.

I was confirmed (though from a Lutheran background) at age 57 going through RCIA.
However, there were in the class two lifelong Catholics who had never been confirmed.

Talk to your priest; he will be very glad to hear of your desire, and he will (either immediately or after thinking a few minutes) decide on the plan for you to complete your catechesis and be confirmed.

I am glad I was confirmed and welcomed into communion with the Church, and glad about your desire also.

It is never too late to be confirmed. Please contact your parish regarding RCIA classes. You will be welcomed with open arms.

Our priest offers adult confirmation classes. He does not put folks in your position :through RCIA" because he feels that people who only lack Confirmation are already Catholic…no need to start from scratch.
Make an appointment with your priest and ask how he prefers to handle this. in hi parish.
How exciting! Good for you, and may God bless you on the journey.

I was 27 years old when I finally got confirmed.

I was also in the same situation as you where my family had stop practicing at the time I was suppose to be confirmed. When I decided to come back to the church (thanks to mom’s persistence after she returned) the priest had me go through RCIA. You may want to talk to your priest.

I was 25 when I chose to be Confirmed. I was baptized Catholic but didn’t attend Catholic schools so wasn’t entered in at the usual age. It’s never too late to be Confirmed :slight_smile:
You can usually email or telephone the Priest, or speak with his secretary to make arrangements.

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