20 Years Since the Wall Fell, Cold War Ended

An interesting though perhaps in the end overly optimistic view of the power of American unipolarity (if this really remains the case) though Joshua Muravchik strikes the right cords on the collapse of the Soviet Union:

“Notwithstanding the world’s unease with American supremacy and Obama’s determination to restore America’s popularity, nothing in the foreseeable future will change this consequence of 1989: the world we live in is unipolar. Perhaps if we look back again in twenty years or forty, we will see that history did indeed end, or begin to end, in 1989. The nations will have grown more uniformly capitalist and democratic, and, because democracies rarely if ever go to war with one another, the world will also have grown more peaceful, indeed harmonious. But that denouement is not yet apparent on the horizon. Until it is, if there is to be a modicum of peace and security, it will rest on the same bulwark that made possible the great advances for peace and freedom that unfolded in 1989, that is to say, on American power and principle.”


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