200 Americans Made Final Vows Last Year


The number is up.





Praise The Lord.


Where are the vocations from the largest-growing portion of USA Catholics: the Hispanics? Our parishes (the ones that are surviving) are stretched thin serving this influx.


I don’t think anyone can answer that, but, if a former abortion clinic director is to be believed, there are rosaries on abortion tables. I don’t remember if she said the women were Hispanics or not.

The Capuchin Franciscan Friars have had a bumper crop of Hispanic vocations, though.


From what my organization has heard, “fraternal correction,” and the inability to deal with it, are responsible for many leaving the religious life. Our Cloisterites have added an intention to the second Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary for fraternal correction – both those giving and receiving it. Hopefully, we will make a difference.


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