200 demonstrators descended on Dianne Feinstein’s house to protest her support for Trump’s nominees

From SF Gate . . .

200 demonstrators descended on Dianne Feinstein’s house to protest her support for Trump’s nominees

They want DiFi to fall in line with Californians’ overwhelming rejection of Trump. And answer her phone.

Lamar Anderson, San Francisco Magazine Monday, January 30, 2017

. . . about 200 demonstrators headed in the opposite direction, to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s mansion in Pacific Heights. . . .


Also (in a related action) from NY Post . . . .

Thousands of protesters gather outside Chuck Schumer’s apartment

By Alex Taylor and Chris Perez January 31, 2017

Thousands of angry demonstrators gathered outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s luxury Brooklyn apartment building — holding up signs and chanting “ . . .

“Senator Schumer needs to know we’re watching him,” fumed Brad Wolchansky, a 40-year-old soccer coach from Flatbush who was carrying a cardboard cut-out of a giant eye on Tuesday night. . . .


I’m just wondering (As I wouldn’t even think of this. I’m sure others would, both “conservative” and “liberal”, but it just wasn’t something I would think of).

To our liberal friends here . . .

Were THESE actions coordinated, or spontaneous:shrug:?

Who, exactly, paid for those signs and for printing them up SO QUICKLY.


And who paid for the buses to get those demonstrators over to Chuck’s house?

[Of course, he lives in Washington, not in Brooklyn.]

I would guess the actions were coordinated. But the main issue, for me, is that the protesters have a right to express their displeasure provided they don’t go overboard by harassing the candidates or their families. BTW, Chuck Schumer, liberal as he is, is not universally loved by liberal New Yorkers. Some see him as nothing more than a career politician. I happen to disagree and view him as a man with principles, who will not automatically tow the party line when his conscience does not allow him to do so. New Yorkers, however, are a tough bunch to please and will even turn on their own: witness some liberals’ disapproval of Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo, for example. And, of course, there is also our current President.

I completely agree. There is a time and a place to speak freely. And not outside one’s residence.

IMO, the Boston Commons is such a place. Walk by there any day and there are activists of all sorts protesting. Me, leaning more conservative doesn’t believe public protesting is worthy of my time. Most of the time, I find it obnoxious and ineffective.

But people have the right to protest at the appropriate places.

Senator Schumer has allowed himself to be viewed as one who now tows the party protest line. The Democrats are allowing the radical left to lead them; not an orderly function for politicians.

I don’t think we should protest outside of someone’s private residence.

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