200 religious orders in Canada in open dissent


Please pray!




I believe it was Father Altier who observed in the course of answering a caller’s question on the Drew Mariani show that it is impossible to think clearly in a state of mortal sin. Case on point.



This is very sad. Especially for a convert who loves The Church so much. We can all thank God that the Spirit still leads in truth and these members only add an exterior blemish, but will not change the Church.

I hope everyone who reads the article chooses to pray and not just shake his/her head.

Lets pray!



Being discussed here



Anathema! Shut them down! To dissent from the Truth is to rebell against God. As did the prince of lies!


[quote=Jesusismylord]Please pray!



I have wondered where all the dissident nuts were going to, now I know! North to Canada!


In my opinion the writer does not represent all those he is claiming to speak for. He is likely a lying sack of … trying to put vast numbers behind a false claim. Don’t believe evrything you read and hear, especially when it flies in the face of experience. There are still a vast majority of faithful priests and religous out there.


Thanks to all who participated.
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