2000 Hail Mary's Devotion: Petitions 11-20


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PETITION # 11. We pray for the ACCEPTANCE OF OUR OWN CROSS – and abandon ourselves completely to JESUS CHRIST and His Divine Will. As He Himself said, “If you want to be WITH ME, pick up your cross and follow ME, for whoever picks up his cross and looks back, is not worthy to follow Me”. So, whatever trials and sufferings we encounter, may we offer them to Jesus and not be afraid, because He is with us, when we put our faith, trust, and confidence in Him.
PETITION # 12. We pray for our DELIVERANCE FROM THE ENEMY, the devil. Mother Mary, please rescue us the moment Satan or any other evil spirit tries to tempt us to fall into sin and deliver us from all distractions that pull us away from the path that leads to You and Jesus. Grant us the wisdom to discern, so that we will be able to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil. You have obtained from Your Divine Son that all the advocates of the rosary shat have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and at the hour of death. So, in this great battle for souls, let us arm ourselves with the power of the rosary and the Holy Eucharist, wear the miraculous medal and the scapular with faith, to save us from the eternal fire of hell.
PETITION # 13. We pray for the grace of FASTING not only from food, but from worldly and material things and offer them to You in sacrifice. Let our fasting from food and the materialism of this world be our offering for the atonement of our sins and in reparation for the sins of mankind. Make us aware of our priorities in life, which is the salvation of souls, and the detachment from the materialism that this world falsely offers. All these hinder us from the love, knowledge and service of God.
PETITION # 14. We pray for the INFIRM, THE AGED, THE SICK and the DYING. Comfort and bless them in their last days. May they lift and offer their life’s sufferings to God, receive the last sacraments, obtain pardon for their sins, and thereby merit the fullness of God’s grace. In the end, may Our Lord and His Blessed Mother take them safely home to their eternal abode in Heaven.
PETITION # 15. WE pray for the POOR, the HUNGRY, the HOMELESS, and in particular, the widows and the orphans, for it is especially in them that we see the Lord. Bless them in their needs, O Lord, and give them their means of support. We also pray for those who are in prison. Touch their hearts for total conversion and grant them Your peace. We pray that these beloved children of God may be spared from oppression, and may we never refuse their cry for help.
PETITION # 16. We pray for the POOR SOULS IN PURGATORY, especially for those who have stayed there the longest and who have no one to pray or make sacrifices for them. We also pray in particular for the souls of (here mention their names silently). May they, who suffer such dreadful torments, by our constant prayers, be freed from their sufferings and finally released from their pains. May they enjoy the beatitude of Heaven, where, prostrate before the throne of God, they never cease to pray for those who helped them until they see their benefactors safely in Heaven.
PETITION # 17. We pray for our PRIESTS, the Religious and the Missionaries who have consecrated their lives to serve Your people spiritually in love and diligence. May they be renewed in spirit and faithful to their vows and commitment to God. Keep them from sickness, temptation and harm, so that they could give more of themselves unselfishly and become more zealous to their apostolate.
PETITION # 18. We pray for ALL FAMILIES and OUR OWN FAMILIES, too. May families always be together in love and in prayer. Let children honor and obey their parents and let parents love and protect their children the way God love and protects His children. We pray that wives and children be spared from abuse and molestations of all sorts. May all families grow spiritually in unity and faith with Jesus and Mary, and may God bestow on us His blessings and His Divine Mercy and protect us from the terrible chastisement that is to come.
PETITION # 19. We pray for those WHO ARE IN PILGRIMAGE TO SEEK YOU. May all who seek you, Jesus, through our Mother Mary, find happiness and fulfillment in their search for You. We also pray for all travelers that they may be protected from harm and safely reach their destinations in Your grace.
PETITION # 20. We pray for our own intentions. (here mention them silently…) We consecrate ourselves to You, O Lord, and we pray for Your grace and acceptance of all the intentions that with humility and in accordance to Your will, we have brought at the foot of Your altar today. We ask all these from the Father with the intercession of our Mother Mary, in Jesus’ Most Holy Name. Amen.

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