2007 LifeSiteNews article concerning Bryant Gumbel


Really, what good would an apology do? It wouldn’t be sincere.

I agree with Brent Bozelk’s assessment of Bryant Gumble.Sans the apology ,it would be superficial and not heartfelt.
Bryant Gumble is a self important jerk

Isn’t this article gossip?

We shouldn’t be hunting down people and spreading shame about them. Is this what Christians do?

Why is this relevant to fighting for the stop of abortion?

Is there a reason for discussing something someone said TEN YEARS ago?:shrug:

This was ten years ago!

Hasn’t the media given us worse since!?

Like yesterday, or right now…

This was before Obama…

Before deflategate

Before. Bin Ladin was dead

When the apprentice was a good show…

Before Lebron had rings,

Back when only the simpsons and rage against the machine could imagine our president

Back when you just knew the Seahawks could never win a Super Bowl…:.:


Um, do any CAF members watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel regularly? The show has certainly covered some interesting topics over the years.

No. Never. I never watch sports channels.

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