2009 Calendars

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Please post in this thread any available online 2009 Calendars for the various Eastern/Oriental Catholic Eparchies. I would like to sometimes check out the various Calendars for the similarities and differences between the feast days, saints, etc.

Here is the 2009 Calendar for St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Diocese for Chaldeans and Assyrians:


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Hi Rony

It’s not the greatest representation, but you can have a look at the Maronite calendar here

bshaino ou shlomo

Julian Calendar UGCC in English:

Gregorian UGCC Calendar:

Ruthenian - US

Note, it only covers the sundays, and observed holy days, not the daily commorations; the daily commemorations can be found in the menaion, in 12 pdfs, at metropolitancantorinstitute.org/Publications.html

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Thanks for the links. So we have the Chaldean, Maronite, Ukrainian, and Ruthenian calendars. Hope the others will post.

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shlama, Rony,

I forgot to mention this, but you probably already know anyway that the Syriac calendar is essentially the same as the Maronite. Same cycles, though the synaxarion might differ a bit. (You might have noticed that the Maronites have (very recently) increased the number of Latin observances, and even went so far as to Novus-Ordo-ize the dates. I don’t if the Syriacs did the same or, for that matter, how many Latin feasts they ever had, but for the traditional (i.e., non-Latin) observances, the dates do match up.)

I know zero about the Coptic calendar, but I did a little nosing around and found this. At least the synaxarion seems to be decent. Before you ask, I’ve no clue about the cycles. BTW, no luck with Armenian or Ethiopian.

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bshayna, malphono :slight_smile:

The Coptic one is pretty detailed, thanks. I wonder if the Coptic Catholic calendar/synexarium is similar to it.

I hope Mardukm, our resident Coptic Catholic, can enlighten us :smiley:

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So far, I see that the UGCC Julian Calendar is the most iconographic, which I thought was pretty cool :thumbsup:

I just noticed that my last post to malphono was post # 777 Awesome! a holy and perfect number :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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