2009 hurricane season anemic

MIAMI, Oct. 23 (UPI) – Floridians and other coastal denizens have been mostly spared this storm season, which so far has yielded the fewest hurricanes since 1982, weather experts say.

There have been just two hurricanes since the season began June 1, and only eight tropical storms, the smallest number since 1997. In an average year, the Atlantic has 10 tropical storms and six hurricanes, USA Today reports.



2004, 2005 - active hurricane years. cause - global warming.
2006-2008 - pretty average hurricane years. cause - global warming.
2009 - anemic hurricane year. cause - global warming.

this is why it’s been rebranded as “climate change”, because the effects bounce around from year to year.

The deception is more than just this. This definition of “active hurricane years” really applies only to the western part of the North Atlantic, that is, storms that form off Africa and head for the Caribbean. What is not mentioned is that, even as hurricane activity in the western Atlantic was increasing at the end of the last century, it was decreasing in the eastern Pacific. If the definition of global means the North Atlantic then yes, hurricane activity has increased (2009 notwithstanding), but if the definition of global means … well, global … then it hasn’t.


It’s likely due to this being an El Nino year. There’s a connection between El Nino and fewer Atlantic hurricanes.

1982 and 1997 were also strong El Nino years. :slight_smile:

I’ll consult the Goracle to figure this out. Hang on.


It was great not to sweat out a storm this year, regardless of the reason, although I am giving all the credit to President Obama for stopping hurricanes this year.

on the other side of the world, the Philippines has been battered by one typhoon after another. i wonder if there’s a connection

These charts are great; can you provide a link to them? I’d like to send them to someone about to order a suit from the tailors who made the Emperor’s New Clothes.


All I can say is Deo gratias! Three major storms hitting south Louisiana in a three year period are more than enough.

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