2012 - the movie - scares it's director


The earth gets destroyed. I thought of this when I read about the Hadron Collider, which some scientists think could create a black hole. Wouldn’t everything get sucked into it? Just interesting to think about.

Is that the big one in Europe? or the mini-version in America? I think I know what you’re talking about… It seemed right that the European partical collider shut down instantly… they were setting out to find evidence that God doesn’t exist (the whole “God-particle” idea:rolleyes:)

My only worry is that people will be rioting the night of in parts of NYC or Philly… Not a happy way to prepare for Christmas at all! Especially with all the travelling to be home with your family… Things like this movie only further this idea.:frowning:

I may be the black sheep here, but I’m gunna say it anyway. I really can’t wait to see this movie. My husband too. We both absolutely LOVE apocalyptic movies. Not that we love seeing people die, mind you, but because we love thinking out survival strategies.

I personally think 2012 is a load of bunk though. Every 15 years or so the world is supposed to end. This is just another Y2K. Although, isn’t 2012 the year of the next election? Hubby and I were joking around about how the actual prophesy of the Mayan calendar is that at this time a major change is set to occur, and that it will change the world as we know it. Maybe a GOOD President will be elected, and when Obama is out a season of prosperity, peace, and maybe an end to the bloodshed of the unborn will happen? Or maybe, Obama is relected, and since he isn’t held back by public opinion for future elections he goes nuts and drives what’s left of the world economy and American morals, ethics, and beliefs into the ground! LOL

A Hollywood director takes himself too seriously?

This is news?

I am concerned about the hysteria, sort of. It might get out of hand. However, much of the doomsday scenario should be easily debunked by the actual date leaving only the hardcore conspiracy believers still biting their nails by 12/21/12. I admit I am scared by the fact that simpe alphabetic subsititution of this date where 1=A and 2=4 leaves us with ABBA ab, indicating that we will have a fresh wave of ABBAmania, with the now elderly group performing in tank tops. Mamma Mia!


now if there was a movie about that, THAT would be scary :S LOL

looks like the “big one” :eek:

They fire it up again in November-December. One interesting issue is that many of the proponents explain that black holes will be created. However, they are expected to be absurdly tiny and last a fraction of a millisecond. I guess we’ll see. One theory I read recently started talking about how time and space act strangely when the speed of light is reached and/or exceeded. Sounds fun.:shrug:

that’s an interesting physics question… I suspect that would violate thermodynamics somehow. To create a black hole “powerful” enough to suck in the whole earth, that is. Would probably require energy equivalent to the mass of the earth in the first place, or something like that.

Kind of like in the crummy book “Angels and Demons”, those crazy European physicists want to create antimatter to use as the ultimate energy source, but never mentioned where they were getting the energy to create the antimatter.

God promised he would never flood the world again so from a simple Biblical perspective, this “scared (Hollywood?) director” has this (next in a never ending line) disaster all wrong.

If people want something to “really” be concerned about, (focus their prayers on) it should be the “clear and present danger” presented by our current political climate in which all that was, is, or will be sacred has been thrown to the wayside in exchange for all things “antichristian”… Now there my brothers and sisters in Christ is something to pray about. Peace and blessings. tgb

Well… He said He would never again flood the earth… but there’s so many other ways He could allow a bunch of us to get wiped out, in order to get us to shape up. Consider the mini Ice Age that started in about the late 300s, which many historians and scientists studying climatic changes believe helped to trigger the final collapse of the Roman Empire and began the period known as the Dark Ages which lasted till about the 600s… Consider the Black Plague, which wiped out a third of the population of Europe during the 1400s…

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