2016 full New Hampshire presidential primary election results


2016 full New Hampshire presidential primary election results

UPDATED 11:50 PM EST Feb 09, 2016 WMUR.com

Scroll down to view up-to-the-minute New Hampshire presidential primary election results for February 9, 2016.

New Hampshire - 284 of 300 Precincts Reporting - 95%

Trump, Donald GOP 97,087 35%

Kasich, John GOP 43,380 16%

Cruz, Ted GOP 32,126 12% …


Disappointing. Hopefully next Tuesday reason and intelligence will win out over emotion.


I would never be pulling for Hillary but I doubt Sanders will win South Carolina.


Kasich will have momentum, though he is not thought to play strongly in SC, one never knows. South Carolina has the largest percentage of veterans in the population, so, we will see how that might affect the outcome.


New Hampshire Exit Polls Tuesday, Feb. 9 CNN


I meant I was disappointed that Trump won. We will lose the WH if he gets the nomination. I’d rather vote for Sanders than for this buffoon to represent America. :frowning:


Clinton likely to leave NH with same number of delegates as Sanders

It sure is odd how the delegate counts worked though Bernie won it big.


Republican N.J. Gov Christie to end White House bid -media Reuters via MSN


We’ll see. The biggest issue I see for Sanders isn’t gaining support in the primaries themselves among the popular vote, it’s getting support from the “Super Delegates” who make up a sizeable chunk of the deciding votes in the Democratic race. So far Sanders doesn’t have a single Super Delegate that has publicly come out supporting him. Hilary has about half of them locked up so far. But it will be interesting to see how Sanders runs in South Carolina coming off the huge win in NH.

On the GOP side… it’s a free for all right now. I mean they’re whittling it down, but it’s still anyone’s game between Trump, Kasich, Rubio and Cruz, at least up until Super Tuesday.


Now, Now, you don’t mean that…:eek:


What’s next Tuesday?


Does the Republican Party have super delegates?


Are vets leaning towards one of the Republican candidates in particular? None strike me as clear favorites for vets.


No. But they do have delegates that aren’t bound by the primary results in the same way that regular delegates are called unpledged delegates. They function in a similar manner but aren’t counted quite as distinctly as the Democratic Superdelegates and there aren’t nearly as many of them. The Superdelegates in the Democratic party have much more influence in swinging an election. Take this most recent primary. Hilary picked up more delegates than Bernie did despite being whipped by Sanders pretty completely in NH due to the Superdelegates. Bernie got more of the popular delegates as you’d expect, but not Superdelegates.


I don’t believe so. Super delegates were a way for the DNC to ensure the plebeians didn’t nominate someone the party leaders don’t approve of.

GOP doesn’t have that, but I bet the party leaders wish they had them now…


Excellent news! He had no business even running. There was a plethora of actual conservatives running to choose from. No need to give attention to a RINO.

You’re seeing the peak of Kasich with this 2nd place finish. He’s barely polling high enough to even measure in SC. His milquetoast RINO persona won’t play well outside the northeast.

It will be very interesting. Clinton is up big in polling in SC, but Sanders definitely has the momentum.


There is only one way to stop the Trump train–the GOP field must shrink so there is a clear between two candidates. That won’t happen because Kasich, Rubio, Cruz, and Bush, all think they have a good shot. So, I think it is a high probability Trump will win the nomination.

Get used to saying: President Trump, or President Clinton.


Christie Veto Shuts Down Abortion Clinics in NJ**

Read more at: nationalreview.com/corner/247495/christie-veto-shuts-down-abortion-clinics-nj-daniel-foster

So one disagrees with Christie doing this? I don’t think one will find that many candidates who have done as much. I disagree with him on topics, however, to call him some name is rather uncharitable.


Bernie wins in a landslide. Ends up with 2 fewer votes than HRC.

De facto corruption at its finest. sigh


That makes complete sense. Everyone should get an equal share–it would be wrong for either candidate to “win” an election. Besides that, its Hillary’s turn and it would be unfair and unjust to take that away.

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