2016 Voters Guide???

Don’t know where to ask this - but will Catholic Answers put out a 2016 voters guide?


I don’t see what has changed. Politics and Religion

Gee, I hope not!

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has.



Why not?

Why?..actually let me reconsider that rather glib response.

Why not? Because a Voters’ Guide by CAF has no more credibility than a voters guide by the NRA or the NAACP. I’m quite capable of making sound, moral civic decisions without CAF, the NRA, or NAACP telling me how they see it.

I just tire of every social, political, or religious group assuming I am incapable of making sound decisions, or that I am less ______ (fill in the blank: American, conservative, liberal, Christian, Catholic, etc.) if I don’t follow the group’s lead.

The Catholic Church and presume Catholic Answers will not endorse specific politicians. However, they do put out guides on forming your conscience in regard to choosing who to vote for.

The USCCB put out a PDF guide that you might find useful here: usccb.org/issues-and-action/faithful-citizenship/upload/forming-consciences-for-faithful-citizenship.pdf

Two of the most important principles to consider according to the Catholic Church (as explained in the document I linked) are the right to life and the principle of subsidiarity. These are two of the big ones I personally keep in mind when choosing who to vote for.

I hope the link helps. :slight_smile:

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