21 too old for prom date, girl finds out


All I can say is thank God I am not in High School. Outrageous.

If this is the worst thing that ever happens to her, I envy her.

– Mark L. Chance.

Prom’s are overrated anyway.

That is really awful. The poor girl spent all year planning and saving her money to attend her senior prom. Honestly the form said no one over the age of 21, and her boyfriend who managed to get leave from the military and made the trip home is not over 21 -he is 21. The school should have allowed him to attend. If her parents felt comfortable with this young man I really don’t see the problem. If the school really think preventing 21 year olds from attending proms is going to stop those that want to drink from doing so they are quite mistaken.

I attended prom with my (now) hubby. It is a wonderful memory. I still have the corsage he gave me tucked away for memories and it’s been 19 years. My husband and I, and my bestfriend and her then boyfriend (my hubby’s best friend at the time) were the last couples to leave the dance. We danced to the last song -a request made by hubby and his best friend. I still remember the song -it was Patience by Guns N’ Rose. Everytime I hear that song it takes me back. Sometimes prom is over rated, I think it depends on who your date is.:wink:

People with their Black and White rules with no exceptions are just plain aggravating. USE DISCRETION on a case by case basis. 21 year old Marine…good…21 year old ex-con and a member of the Latin Kings…not good.

I feel sorry for both these individuals…especially since my 19 year old Army Private First Class son plans on flying to Illinois to go to prom with his girlfriend. Stupidity at it’s best friends.

I’m glad that your memory of prom was wonderful. Mine was not.

I have students that spend an enormous amount of time planning their prom evening. I feel the money they spend is a waist.

Just my opinion.

I think the idea of schools organizing courtship rites is weird anyway.

There was an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch just today about a kid who arrived at his prom and was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. An off duty police officer gave him a sobriety test, the one where you track the person’s eyes to see if they follow smoothly (can’t remember what that’s called). He failed it. He insisted he hadn’t been drinking, and wanted a breathalyzer to prove it. They didn’t have one on site, and there was some initial confusion about whether the officer could administer it since he was out of his jurisdiction (he was a St. Peter’s officer, and the prom was in St. Charles). The kid called his dad, and after arguing for awhile, a breathalyzer was brought in. The kid was stone cold sober, registered a .000. So they let him in, but by that time, he’d missed dinner and like half the prom, and all the other kids were talking about him (“I heard you were wasted”, etc.). His date was in tears. He left after about 20 minutes of that. He and his parents want an apology and a refund for the $65 prom ticket, but I smell a lawsuit coming (there’s also the matter of his tux, and flowers, and his dates “emotional distress”). These “one size fits all policies” just don’t work. I totally understand not wanting kids at prom drunk, but then for goodness sake, have a breathalyzer on hand, and know the rules for who can administer it!

Sigh, it was so much easier when I was in high school. I feel old.

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The Horizontal Gaze Nostalgia (HGN) is the name of the test.

You mean Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus?

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