22,000 marijuana plants found on Round Valley Indian Reservation in Mendocino County

Ten people were detained at a large illegal marijuana farm Tuesday morning at Mendocino County’s Round Valley Indian Reservation, where San Jose detectives sought clues about a missing man believed to have been working in the cannabis industry before his disappearance in April.

Authorities served a search warrant on the patch of rural land, located near Covelo on Rifle Range Road next to Mill Creek, at about 8:20 a.m., Mendocino County sheriff’s Lt. Shannon Barney said.

There, deputies found more than 22,100 cannabis plants inside 55 hoop houses, or long dome-shaped greenhouses made with PVC pipes and plastic tarps. Burned cars, tires and other garbage littered the grow site, which was started less than two months ago, Barney said.

This is some story, look how developed this “farm” is and it was on a reservation. I believe some of this has been covered before but nothing like this.

That’s really some set up.

I guess, surveillance may not occur on reservation land. I would hope law enforcement in most cases, could spot places like this from the air.

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