220 000 condoms off to Myanmar

I don’t get this at all. They need food, need shelter and medicine…this is so bizarre to me. More reasons to pray.:banghead:


Thats is the Secular Relativism of the Left for you.

"We don’t want regular use of contraception disrupted.


"We don’t want regular use of infanticide disrupted.

Just plain sick

With 100’s of thousands dead, this might be a good time to think about re-population.

Couldn’t agree with you more.

I second the head banging thing!!!:banghead:


Yep - me too!! :banghead:


There are limited resources and will be for some time. It is to maintain the population until services are renewed at the previous state (food, water, etc…). That is how I read the policy.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more efficient to teach them NFP?

I am sure the ABC approach is being used, and NFP techniques are part of ABC, so some may choose to go that route, but we need to look out for everyone in the disaster area.

Surely food, water, and shelter would have to be higher priorities, though. Can’t they at least live without sex until all of the children have stopped crying, and have something to eat? :shrug:

Most leftists do not advocate infanticide. However, a small minority which includes the venerable Peter Singer finds that it can be a morally acceptable action sometimes.

Hey, on the bright side, they’ll have little plastic water-holders to carry in their belt. There might be little or no water, let alone safe water, but at least they’ll have portable holders. :rolleyes:

This is assuming that they don’t leak, of course.

(A group of young women I know were horrified one time when they got hold of a box of condoms (I didn’t ask how) and were playing with them in the bathroom, filling them up with water and using them as water balloons :rolleyes: - anyway, I guess about half the condoms they were playing with leaked. :eek: )

Sex is human nature, it often times causes carnal instinct reactions which go against our own internal logic. :shrug:


Okay, seriously, that is probably a very good point. I doubt the condoms getting shipped over there are even half the quality of what America receives (from China I believe?) And even the ones we get imported aren’t that good.

I support the condoms being sent over.

Actually, in the face of natural catastrophes, the sex drive goes into hyper-drive. This is nature’s way of ensuring the continuation of the species.

It goes from K to r…

What is abortion?

Must be PP’s brand. Seriously. Consumer Reports showed they were the most likely to leak of all the brands tested. Hmm…and they are in the business of terminating pregnancy…coincidence??? :rolleyes:

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