220 000 condoms off to Myanmar

Jen. Relativism allows them to justify infanticide if the child has not been born.:cool: To them, it is not yet a human. :mad:

What’s relativism?

I think the deal right now is to stop fast-spreading diseases at ALL costs, with whatever anyone can grab and send, immediately. Condoms are only a small part of that, of course - medical supplies and personnel, food, and so forth are even more important, but if they had this stuff just lying around, it can be at least a little help in advance when the WHO, CDC, Red Cross and Crescent can really get the supply lines rolling, all while dodging the local government and other dangers, ie buried mines and who knows what else.

And as someone pointed out, those condoms have loads of other uses, including carrying stuff (even if some are leaky, they can be used for other carrying, etc.) Besides, they’re also a component for self defense. Think that’s not so? Ever made a slingshot out of a condom? They’re deadly accurate!

Whether or not you think it misguided, it seems to me to be simply an attempt at minimizing the horrendous toll in disease and chaos so far, and prepwork for the truly scary stuff still on the way.

As far as I’m aware, by the way, the US doesn’t provide finance for the UN Population Fund which gets its money from the EU and private donations.


but murder is still murder

Don’t most condoms contain spermicide? And a powdery substance? I’d be careful what I carried in them,

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