23 year old woman nearly beaten to death in Alabama for being a lesbian

Choice? Yeah. Right.


This is sad. I sometimes worry that people who are against gay marriage will take this too far and do things like this. Fortunately though I think people who are like this and beat up gays are in the minority.

That’s horrible. The hatred in the world seems to know no bounds unfortunately.
That people would actually BEAT someone to death for any reason is just plain

I shudder to think these people seem to have (in my opinion) made themselves their own God when it comes to life and death and that is idolatry. Hopefully the legall system will put them behind bars for life for justice on this earth.

What do you mean?

On a related not, here’s a project to inform Catholics about homosexuality: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=10066277#post10066277 Spreading Christian knowledge about the fact of homosexuality seems very important today.

Just wanted to clarify that as far as the article goes, she is, thanks to God, alive.

This is incredibly sad.

I faintly remember somewhere in the past because I was converting from Islam to Christianity (wearing a cross) I get BEATen up. May the real God put justice to those pretender God.

I imagine that people who beat others are truely lacking some form of self-respect or self-confidence and can only build themselves up by putting others down. I fully realize that it is ironic to write: the attackers need as many prayers as the victim as they need to find what is lacking in their souls.

Very sad. But not unusual. I understand that some people have actually been beaten to death. Two teenagers were hanged in Iraq not long ago. The church in many African countries is behind or in full agreement with the death penalty or imprisonment for being gay.

Quoting from the news article:

Earlier this year, family members tell News 5 that Travis Hawkins Jr. hit Mallory over the head with a pipe wrench. She was injured, but the family did not pursue charges after that incident.


With that context in mind (and setting aside the issue of not pressing charges), why did the victim’s girlfriend take her to the family Thanksgiving? The article says she tried to dissuade the victim from attending. So why didn’t the two of them both stay away from that toxic and violent environment, and celebrate Thanksgiving on their own?

More reason to stay away from that family

Ashley Rich actually tried to prosecute the defendant’s father, Travis Hawkins Sr., in January 2011, after he shot his son, Hawkins Jr. Since the son refused to testify, she was unable to pursue the case further.

No matter what reason , unless out of self-defence ,
to beat up someone just because of …
i hope they get jailed !!

Salute & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:
– Laurent LUG (.@…), November 27, 2012

I’m skeptical of this case because I’ve known of cases where the “attack” had been staged all along.
In any case, she will be in my prayers.

Uh ???

Salute & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:
– Laurent LUG (.@…), November 27, 2012

I’m being lead to believe this has less to do with a person targeting someone over their sexuality but rather someone who is just overall toxic.

EDIT: The kind of beating that was sustained has to be tried as attempted murder.

‘Staged’. To what end?

If the story is true it is terrible but there have been cases of hate crimes faked

Another gay ‘hate crime’ hoax: ‘Victim’ injured himself with a somersault

Police say lesbian faked brutal ‘hate crime’ attack: carved cross on own chest

Lesbian teen faked anti-gay notes that sparked college’s ‘Solidarity Rally’

These are the stuff that I was talking about.

Sorry to ask, but what church are you talking about?

Only the Muslim faith has the death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, rape.

Not all Muslim countries strictly apply it though.

There have been cases of all sorts of crimes being faked. Do you bring out every false rape claim when there’s a rape?

your posts on the subject of ssa are usually pretty ignorant,but you have outdid yourself.

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