24-Jan-14 - Pope Francis: Swallow 'Toads' Of Pride In Order To Dialogue [EWTN]

(catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=28862) VATICAN CITY, January 24 (CNA/EWTN News) .- In his daily homily, Pope Francis spoke of the importance of being h…

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Well there are some people and things whose sole purpose it appears, is to cause a disturbance in the force. And in those situations it could be better to avoid or remove them, & as such retain balance & harmony. The pharisees resented Jesus because he kicked them out of the temple & then at His trial, He told them He was God -.effectively better than they were & therefore they resented Him, especially when He wouldnt speak to them or answer their questions. It would have been wrong for Jesus to humble Himself before them - and therefore lie. You’re not gonna always please everyone - even God couldnt do that.

Please note -.i am in no way saying the Pope is wrong here - its just that when i read it, i couldnt help being reminded of the times Jesus didnt do this at all. :shrug:

Yes. I agree that it is a good idea to dialog with people of differing views. I hope that the RCC will continue and expand their dialog with different groups, both those not too far from the Church, such as SSPX and E. Orthodox, and those further from the Church, such as Hindhus and Muslims.

These toads of pride… just how big are they? Are we talking about the common toads you might find in a backyard in Chicago? Or are we talking about the cane toads you might find Queensland, Australia?

If they are toads of pride, why are they proud? Are they toads of unusual size? :eek:

Unfortunately, they’re the toads that can swallow you up in one gulp!! :eek:


Very true, though sad. The Holy Father, as always, provides good guidance.

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