24 Redemption...Jack is Back

Who watched it? Did you like it?

I was not going to watch this season. I was disappointed in how last season ended. But, I loved it last night - in a disturbing kind of way- as the subject matter is disturbing. Now we have to wait for January to see how the plot twists.

Jack is back.:thumbsup:

We recorded it but haven’t watched it yet. We were so disappointed by the last season that we’re having trouble getting excited about a new season.

We’ll probably watch this weekend, though. I’ll let you know what we think.

I was left with those disappointing feelings too. It was just a strange season last year. The writers did pick a heavy topic but it was captivating.

Also interesting that they decided to start out with a 2 hour cliff hanger until Jan.

So was I the only one that was watching President Taylor’s inauguration speech waiting for the gunshot? I wasn’t hoping for it, mind you, just expecting it. That just seemed to be the 24 thing to do at that point in the story.


Wow - had not even thought that.

How did you like the UN worker? Wow - was he soft or what? Certainly had no backbone.

The UN guy was… well, exactly what I expect from the UN. I think that says it all.


It was alright. Nothing to write home about though IMO. Can’t wait for January to see how it goes.

I’m curious as to what it is that others found so disappointing about last season.

I really hated what they did with a lot of the characters. I thought the plot structure was bad. It started out well, but then it went downhill.

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