24 season - when filmed?

Does anyone know when the current season of 24 was filmed? I understand it was “in the can” for awhile, but the first half of last night’s episode (10-11 AM, I haven’t watched 11-12 yet) was so hokey I am wondering if it was impacted by the writers’ strike.

I understand that parts of the season were filmed before they knew the writers strike would cause the season to be pushed back a year. A lot of stuff was re-written so I don’t know how much of what we saw last night was ‘old’ and how much was ‘new’.

They were still filming this past summer but presumably we won’t see most of that footage until later in the season.

(This information comes from my husband. He works across the street from one the studios used to film 24 and they’d bring in trailers for the actors on days they were filming there. He also is casually acquainted with one of the camera operators via a mutual friend.)

That could be bad - I wonder if they rushed a lot of the writing and filming, hoping to get as much done under the wire before the strike hit, expecting they might not have much time after the strike was over to polish off the season.

Well, they had plenty of time to re-think, re-work things, and re-shoot some things.

I can’t remember how much of the episode was location filming. The indoor and parking garage sets would be filmed in and around Chatsworth. Any outdoor location settings in Washington D.C. probably had to be used as filmed.

24 is a good fast paced show…one of my favs

I recorded “24 - Redemption” back in November and just watched it on Sunday the 18th. Even though I wanted to watch it, I was never in the mood to watch it when I had the time. When the new season started, I recorded the first 4 hours, but refused to watch it until I watched Redemption.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up at 6:00 AM, got comfortable on the couch and watched the first 4 hours. I wanted to watch this past Mondays episode, but my wife got up with the kids and she did not want to watch it until she catches up.

My plan is to watch Monday nights episode when I get home from work this morning. Then I will be all caught up.

I had read somewhere a year ago that they had already written and filmed the first 8 episodes prior to the strike. I imagine those episodes didn’t totally get canned, but I would also imagine that they got tweaked in the year-long interval.

Perhaps I have lower standards, but I’ve found this season to be quite well done (as was 24:Redemption). Then again, it might just be that I’m not thinking clearly because I’m so happy that Tony is back. :slight_smile: Or maybe I’ve just come to expect hokey writing from all TV shows and don’t find it to be a deterrent. :wink:

I hope they’ll come back to Los Angeles next season. During the first season they filmed some stuff outside my building - and once I actually ran into Kiefer Sutherland outside the Starbucks! (and when I say “ran into” I mean, almost literally! He was walking really fast and I almost clipped him! :wink: )

I think it’s a really good show, and this year my husband is watching it along with me! He’s never watched it before and seems to like it. (I’m sure it’s not because we cuddle really close together on the couch for the whole hour. :wink: :thumbsup: )

I am curious to see how this season is going to turn out. It’s been great so far, but I wonder how Jack will redeem himself with the U.S government and the FBI. I have been saying it every season, but I have a feeling Jack might die at the end of this season and bye bye 24.

According to Wikipedia, there will still be a Season 8, but then that might be the last one. They also seem to have plans to do a theatrical film after the series ends. I wouldn’t think they’d kill of Jack before moving 24 to the big screen. No one would go see the movie.

Of course, this is Wikipedia, so take all this info with a grain of salt…

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