25% of Feds Would Consider Leaving Their Jobs if Trump Becomes President


As if I needed another reason to support Trump.



That’s one fast way of cutting government spending.


Can’t really blame them.

Trump might actually make them work for a living…


They are able to leave their jobs if they don’t like their boss? They are a privileged bunch.


Most Americans are employed under employment at will agreements. The employee can leave for any reason at all (including not liking the boss) or for no reason at all.


It’s the fault of the article, not the OP, but as usual, the headline is misleading.

When asked if they would consider leaving, only 14% said “yes,” not 25%. The other 11% they are referring to said “maybe” they would consider leaving. “Maybe I would think about the possibility of leaving” is about as insignificant as possible.

Not that the results of the survey are in any way meaningful. Self-report data is really not that reliable, especially in a case like this, where anyone who doesn’t like Trump can register that by pretending they would leave their job. It’s not like anyone is goging to come back later and enforce it.

Not that I blame them, I don’t like Trump myself. I think he’s just as much of an megalomaniac* as what we have now, and would only be an improvement in that the media would be against him instead of for him. (I think being against politicians in office is one of the main jobs of political journalists. :slight_smile: )


  • OK, OK, the real term is “a person with narcissistic personality disorder” but it’s harder to put in a sentence and does not, as far as I can see, have a concise noun form.


Frankly that might not be such a bad thing. That 25% is acting like they have been doing an amazing job and none of the regular citizens have any reason for complaint.


So can I. So can, for example, anyone working fast food. Leaving a job is usually pretty easy. It’s the getting of a new job that ends up being the problem. :slight_smile:



That’s what I meant, of course.


I resent that. My husband worked 30 years for the federal government, and he often went above and beyond the call of duty. :mad:


I am free to leave my job anytime I want, but I can’t do it because I need the money!


Well, I guess they don’t want to hear him say, you’re fired :stuck_out_tongue:


My dad was the same (except more years). However, if you asked him whether 25% of the people he worked with were a waste of money, he’d probably say yes. It seemed to run to extremes. A lot of people were incredibly dedicated, but some were definitely useless.



Doesn’t cost anything to “maybe consider” leaving your job. :slight_smile: I don’t think the vast majority of the 25% will actually do anything.

Talk is cheap. :wink:



I doubt it. A lot of those jobs are pretty cozy.

Kind of reminds me of people who say they’ll move to Canada if candidate X gets elected.




I agree. I have thought about it a lot in my life considering some of my bosses were less than peachy. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 25% who would consider quitting are either very polarized and/or they are the ones who are waste anyway.

Perhaps not a bad thing. Either hire better employees or give that salary to the top performers


A government employee can be fired? That’s a good one :).

On-the-job serial masturbators the next protected class:


I once went into a Social Security office and the employees who serviced the public were eating, having a baby shower with presents, cake, etc. all during business hours. A girl finally came to the window where I was waiting and said, “No one can help you now. Everyone is busy.” :rolleyes:

I do have to add that I saw a few men who seemed higher ups who seemed to be working hard. However, working hard though they were, I think they should have told their underlings that their first duty was to serve the public, not have a baby shower, which could have been done after working hours.

I’ve seen government employees who work very hard and government employees who do almost no work at all.

I suppose 25% would consider changing jobs if Trump because president - he won’t be - but I don’t think people are going to walk away from their jobs when they need money to pay bills. If I ever win the lottery, I’m quitting my job. I would not walk away, though. I have more integrity than that. I would give them time to find someone to fill my position. I’d use my lottery winnings to set up a charity of some sort.

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