250 jihadis spark UK terror alert


THE full scale of the terrorist threat to Britain can be revealed today with the disclosure that about 250 British-based jihadis who went to train and fight in Syria have returned home.Senior security officials say the high number of “returnees” — five times the figure that has been previously reported — underlines the growing danger posed by “extremist tourists” going to the war-torn region.



Where are all the liberal Catholics and humanists on this???


:crossrc: well, this is not good news. :frowning:


This is what happens when you allow Muslims to live in your country, and don’t force them to assimilate. The United Kingdom has at least 87 Sharia Law courts. That figure is probably outdated.
Yeah, here’s an article that is almost 5 years old, from 2009, that says the U.K. has 85 Sharia Law courts: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1196165/Britain-85-sharia-courts-The-astonishing-spread-Islamic-justice-closed-doors.html

So, you can only imagine what it is today.

And yes, my working definition of “force them to assimilate” should here be taken as making them submit to the legal system, just like everyone else has to. That’s what we do in the U.S., fyi, so what I’m saying shouldn’t offend anyone.


I don’t understand what it is you’re trying to say here. Those Sharia Courts are just “courts” of arbitration with no more legal force either here or in the UK than a ruling issued by Judge Judy. There are many such “courts” in the United States from Sharia Courts (Islamic) to Halakha Courts (Jewish) to a wide variety of Christian Courts.


Sounds fun. I hope they put the fear o’ God into these milquetoasts who run, make commentary on, and influence the philosophy of the United Kingdom, and the secular West.

How did that old apocalyptic hymn go?

Dies iræ! Dies illa
Solvet sæclum in favilla:
Teste David cum Sibylla!

Quantus tremor est futurus,
Quando iudex est venturus,
Cuncta stricte discussurus!

Tuba mirum spargens sonum
Per sepulchra regionum,
Coget omnes ante thronum.

The day of wrath, that day
Will dissolve the world in ashes
As foretold by David and the Sibyl!

How much tremor there will be,
when the Judge will come,
investigating everything strictly!

The trumpet, scattering a wondrous sound
through the sepulchres of the regions,
will summon all before the Throne.


here we go . . . .

  1. If those courts exist, then they have legal force. They exist. They function. They issue sentences on people, and those people follow them. Why wouldn’t they have legal force?

  2. Where is there a single Sharia Law court in America? Find me one. There are 0 in the United States. The United States doesn’t allow them.

Yeah, I can’t find a single source of there being any Sharia Law courts in America. There are a lot of state legislatures trying to pre-emptively ban Sharia Law in statues… but no functioning Sharia Law courts… so… the onus is on you to prove there is even 1 Sharia Law court in the United States.


They are all only “courts” of arbitration and they only address civil matters. Any of the parties involved can pursue the matter or challenge the ruling in a real civil courtroom whenever they wish. Rulings in religious arbitration “courts” are only legally enforceable if they result in a contractual arbitration agreement and only insofar as said contracts are compliant with civil law.

Religious “courts” of arbitration are practically everywhere and they have been permitted in the United States since the 1920s. One such case is here.


Hillsborough Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen
A court called the “Hillsborough Circuit Court” is an Islamic Court?
Judge “Richard Nielson” is a Sharia Law judge? Please. He’s just a leftist judge who used Sharia Law in a ruling, one ruling does not a Sharia Law Court make.

You cannot seriously believe that the “Hillsborough Circuit Court” is a Sharia Law court?


Is what a Sharia Law court looks like, sir.
The name of the court is: “Leyton Islamic Sharia Council”
The name of the judge is: “Dr Suhaib Hasan”
And, by the picture proided, he’s clearly wearing Muslim religious garb, and has an entire bookshelf of Korans and Hadiths, etc.

We don’t have those in America. Find me one of those. Find me one Sharia court. You can’t. There are 0 in America. And yet, you claimed there were many of them:

[quote= EmperorNapolean] There are many such “courts” in the United States from **Sharia Courts (Islamic) **to Halakha Courts (Jewish) to a wide variety of Christian Courts.

Where is there a single Sharia Court (Islamic) Where? You said there were many!



Calm down. There are several points which you seem to be missing.

  1. The Islamic courts in the UK are courts of civil arbitration; same as we have here.

  2. Read the article. Judge Nielson was asked to, in effect, resolve a dispute arising from an Islamic court of arbitration, which is why he instructed the parties to either seek resolution through the pertinent portions of Islamic law in their court of arbitration or file a civil lawsuit in a secular court. The Counsel of Masajid of the United States, the Texas Islamic Court, and a host of other Muslim organizations serve in this capacity.

Religious civil arbitration has been allowed in this country for 90 years. Whats the big deal?


Regardless of Sharia Law courts… the fact that there are now 250 more battle-seasoned jihadis in Britain today than there were before is NOT good.

Sooner or later, we will have to stand up those who threaten our peaceful way of life; or go the way of the dodo. The question is “when”?


Sharia Law is evil. That’s what the big deal is.

“Religious civil arbitration”. PLEASE! Do not paint a broad brush! Islam deserves a separate brush. Look at the thread! If you have Sharia courts, then you get violent and armed jihadis in your country, who might have experience in Syria or other conflicts, and are dedicated to violent jihad against all infidels.

That’s what you get. This is where the sleeper cells come from. We need to close down all of these places, and kick them all out… or else we might be hacked down in the streets like this:

In the U.K., last year, 2 Muslims walked into the street and murdered a British soldier. foxnews.com/world/2013/12/19/jury-finds-2-men-guilty-murder-in-brutal-attack-on-british-soldier/

Anyways, at least Texas is pursuing to ban Sharia law. Clearly it needs to, seeing as there is at least one Sharia court there.

The U.S. needs to close down all of these places, before we too become like the U.K.


You know, Emperor, in Europe, plenty of liberals stood idly by. They hailed ‘multiculturalism’. Then, they got this. Islamic terrorism domesticated in their countries.

Well, clearly you can see it. We all know about it now. So, why will you defend the same ‘multiculturalism’, like they did? Why will you defend a Sharia law court? Don’t you see that allowing an un-assimilated Islam in your country leads to things like the topic of this thread?

The liberals in the U.K. allowed Sharia Law in their country. And, look what’s happening?

You reap what you sow.

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