25th Wedding Anniversary & Vow Renewal


Hello, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next year. We had our marriage blessed at the time of our daughter's baptism because we had a civil ceremony at the time of our wedding.

I would like to return to my church in my hometown, where I received all my Sacraments. My husband and I would like to know if there are any traditional Catholic scripture readings or special ceremonial acts that are in keeping with an anniversary mass.

Thank you:)


You should call the pastor of your hometown church to make the arrangements. We renewed our vows a few years ago but it was after a regular Mass.


My parents renewed their vows for their 25th anniversary also. They just did so as part of a regular Saturday Mass after Communion was over but before the final blessing/dismissal with some family & friends in attendance with a family get together after.

I hope the priest at that parish can accommodate you and your husband with the request. Its always lovely to see couples renew their vows no matter the time but its even more so for those who stay together many years in this day and age of easily obtainable civil divorces.


Our pastor told us there is no such thing as renewing your vows in the catholic church just a blessing for marriages. We went up during the Mass after communion to recieve a blessing prescribed in the book of blessings.


I guess it depends where you live, but in the Canadian Marriage ritual there is such a thing as a renewal of vows. My parents renewed theirs when they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

From the Canadian Marriage Ritual, Appendix IX "The Celebration of Wedding Anniversaries"
After the homily:

*"My dear John & Mary,
you have come here with your family and friends
to celebrate your faithfulness to each other
and to thank God for the years he has given you to live in mutual love.
Through the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and trials of life,
God has been with you.

The Church shares your joy today
and is thankful to you
for being such a powerful sign of God’s loyal and faithful love for the world.
(*God has enriched and strengthened you over the years by the sacrament of marriage.)
In renewing your vows today, you give witness once again to God’s love.

You have proven your devotion to each other by your life together.
Now join your right hands and renew your consent before God and his Church.

The ritual then refers the priest back to the original wedding vows – the text of the vows remains unchanged.


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