260 employees in Georgia school district have tested positive for Covid-19 or been exposed

(CNN)Georgia’s largest school district has confirmed that around 260 employees have either tested positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed.

The Gwinnett County School District (GCPS) employees won’t be returning to school just yet as districts across the country continue to adjust their back-to-school plans to prevent the spread of the virus.

The situation in Gwinnett is fluid, GCPS spokeswoman Sloan Roach told CNN in an email Sunday evening.

This isn’t a good report and from my understanding, they did NOT get this while school was in session. They showed up for planning meetings and had it after this lengthy lock down.

“[O]r has been exposed” kind of minimizes that number. A situation where one person was confirmed positive could satisfy that.

I wouldn’t describe what GA had as a lockdown. The governor of GA made an executive order that prevented counties and cities of issuing lock-down orders (nullifying in orders that local leaders had tried to make).


This is so… I know there were some “none-lockdown states”, I guess GA. was in that number of 13 or however it was. Thanks for the correction.

Yeah, it was an odd mixture of closures. You would find places that voluntarily closed their doors (museums, movie theaters, offices) , yet there were a lot of other businesses that stayed open (like night clubs ). There were plenty of ongoing opportunities for community spread.

Elsewhere in Georgia,

This was said to be taken on the first day of school in Paulding County, GA

That’s the best plan the school districty could come up with? Our old private school (we homeschool now) has been meeting all summer to account for spacing and every other issue known to allow for in-person school, with optional online.

I get that public school have greater numbers of students, but no one in that pic even tried.

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