27,000 migrants housed in Italian Catholic institutions [CWN]


An estimated 27,000 migrants and refugees are being housed in Italy’s parishes, shrines, monasteries, and other religious institutions—up from 23,000 in September, when Pope …



This is the size of a small town. Amazing. That is a ton of charity.

Heartwarming that Catholic charity from Italy is so generous.


hopefully there might be some conversions also?


Hopefully they are made up of the poor Catholics that ISIS and Co. tried to eradicate from their homelands and life! We don’t hear much about the Catholic victims being allowed to seek refuge in the US, just the other religion followers.


I hope so too!


“Now imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north.”

This is what Klaus Schwab suggests will happen as the oil glut continues.
I fixed the link.


The problem is that soon “the North” won’t be any better than where they came from…


That is a problem but the timing of these two events is poor. I imagine a more massive migration before the obvious collapse of ‘the North’.


This is a feature of the Roman Catholic Church all over the world.
This feature distinguishes the Roman Catholic Church from other churches.
Many previous migrants and refugees around the world, representatives of different religions today remember the Roman Catholic Church as an institution that helped them get on their feet.


I appreciate the way the Church sent people to less-developed places and set up helpful institutions which formed a nucleus from which others could grow. That system seems to have helped people start from where they were at, so to speak, and did not impose great change on the people.


It is happen that even in the past wealthy people in the society to seek help.
even not the immigrants but the locals.
It is happens that big business destroying small business, or broken familes, or the stress of big cities leads a person to depression, and it becomes obvious problem with such disadvantaged groups.
In general, it seems to me that for real refugees the local needies look strange.
A man who knows what is war, what is famine, what is ruin, can not understand the person that in a rich country comes to depression.
But what I have in mind is the fact that people who are later on their feet themselves, might also notice around them the people who are in need.
Another issue is that secularists think that religion can be eradicated, and Scripture tells us that if young people were trained in the youth that a person can not evade its path.
Now, many raised questions about the Islamization of Europe, and there are also those ''free-loaders ‘’ who later abuse the system for their own benefits and tricks.


I had to come back to this thread.
Schwab’s recent prediction is becoming reality all too soon.

Europe’s next nightmare
The United Nations estimated Friday that 40,000 people have already been displaced by the fighting in Aleppo. But the current exodus is by no means the first since the Russian air campaign began. In just three weeks in October, the United Nations reported the displacement of 120,000 people from Aleppo, Hama and Idlib. Nor will it be the last.



GENEVA — Over 80,000 refugees and migrants have already arrived in Europe since the beginning of 2016, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on Friday (Feb. 12).


It is difficult to imagine this. Really, one can only imagine this because so little is shared about how these people are being absorbed.

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