27 dead in knife attack at sw china train station


BEIJING (AP) — A group of knife-wielding men attacked a train station in southwestern China on Saturday, leaving at least 27 people dead and another 109 injured, the official Xinhua News Agency said, making it one of the deadliest attacks in China in recent years.

Xinhua did not provide more details about the evening attack at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province, or identify the attackers. Kunming city police said they did not have any immediate information to release about the attack.

Local television station K6 said that several of the attackers were shot by police and that victims were being transported to local hospitals.



There is a possibility that the attack was carried out by members of the Uighur populace who are mainly Muslim and are a local ethnic group which has experienced severe repression at times from the Chinese govt.


This is very sad. Until Christ returns there will be evil in this world. As long as there is evil some people with evil in their heart will find a way to kill and abuse others.

St Micheal defend us in battle and by the power of God cast into hell Satan. Amen


Could be. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that it wasn’t Tibetan Buddhists.


Indeed Tibetan Buddhists, don’t blow up planes and buildings and Christian Church’s and leave bombs.
As Jewish people don’t either
As Christians don’t either ( all denominations)
As Sikhs don’t either
As Hindu’s don’t either
I don’t know of any other Religion that carry on like that.

So why do Islamic extremists do this, are they following the teachings of Muhammad and following his life style - Sorry this is the Religion of Peace- Then I fell out of bed.


People belong to all the religions above have used extremist tactics at times on behalf of their faith. Also it is only speculation at the moment that the Uighur people or those presuming to act on their behalf are behind this and if so it might be worth nothing that whilst it does not justify this appalling piece of barbarism the Uyghurs have been heavily repressed and persecuted by the Chinese.


Clearly this sign would have stopped it:


Knife free zones save lives.

Shame no one was able to shoot the attackers.


Chinese authorities said Sunday that the East Turkestan Islamic Movement was behind a deadly attack on a train station in southwest Yunnan Province last night, local media reported.



If you read the the original article it points out some of the attackers were shot.


Things like this and the Boston bombings show that terrorists will find a way to commit mass murder with or without guns.


Agreed, the most effective IRA bombings (to choose an example) were all carried out without bombs and many used only a small ammount of conventional explosives as ‘a starter’. As in the infamous truck bombs and having been near one of those and seen the devastation after another I can assure you they caused massive damage. Although the IRA was more concerned in those cases with economic damage than building up casualty figures.

Even before that you can look up incidents like the Wall St Bombing of 1920 which killed 38 and involved explosives in a parked horse drawn wagon.


By cops; who take time to arrive…and judging by the jaw dropping casualties for a knife attack they really took their time.

Armed civilians are a fantastic deterrent against these kinds of things.


Civilians in communist China are not allowed to own guns. Supposedly for hunting it’s allowed, but I bet only high party officials get to go hunting.




This seems to be politically motivated. Also for the record, there have been on and off tension between Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus in India that has lead to violence between these different groups (this phenomenon is known as communalism). The most recent notable example of Muslims being the victim of communalist violence was the Ayodha riots in 1992. So it’s not true as you allege that they are the only instigators of violence.


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