28-Aug-08 - Indian Woman Killed for Refusing Sex-selection Abortion [via EWTN]

Bangalore, Aug. 27, 2008 (CWNews.com) - The widespread practice of sex-selection abortion has led to another tragedy in India. Police are pressing mur…

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And the silence is deafening.

Where is the outrage from those who are “pro-choice” and value above all a woman’s “right to choose” ???

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Maybe they are “pro-abortion” after all.

And again abortion’s supposed connection to women’s rights snaps away.
Abortion disproportionately kills and injures females. It isn’t pro-woman to be pro-abortion.

Such a tragedy! It just goes to show how far women of that region have to go to get anywhere near equal rights. Most decision-making power is in the hands of parents/husbands/in-laws.

Actually some Asian women consider abortion preferable because in past decades unwanted girls were often victims of infanticide. It is claimed that until recent years, in some areas of India, baby girls were more prone to ‘accidental’ death than were similar aged boys.
Some women actually embrace the idea of aborting girls simply because they don’t want to bear daughters to suffer as they have.

Interestingly, women (in the form of mothers/sisters-in-law) are often the ones perpetrating much of the indignity heaped upon women there, all in the name of preserving culture and religion!

From that article it says:
"According to Hindu tradition, a father cannot attain “moksha” (salvation) unless he has a son to perform his last rites."
So, do they think that they can attain their salvation by murdering their pregnant wives?
How sick and insane is that?!

As disturbing as the quote was from the last poster… I think this one was even more disturbing:

India’s federal government has acknowledged that more than 10 million girls are “missing” from birth statistics over the past two decades because of sex-selection abortions.

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