29,000 sex offenders on MySpace


Twenty Nine THOUSAND.

I do not have a MySpace account and have heard that you can make your profile “private” which I think is great after reading this. Those that want to attack the family are everywhere.

Be careful, be aware, protect your family.

RALEIGH, N.C. — MySpace.com has found more than 29,000 registered sex offenders with profiles on the popular social networking Web site — more than four times the number cited by the company two months ago, officials in two states Tuesday.

North Carolina’s Roy Cooper is one of several attorneys general who recently demanded the News Corp.-owned Web site provide data on how many registered sex offenders were using the popular social networking site, along with information about where they live.

After initially withholding the information, citing federal privacy laws, MySpace began sharing the information in May after the states filed formal legal requests.

At the time, MySpace said it had already used a database it helped create to remove about 7,000 profiles of sex offenders, out of a total of about 180 million profiles on the site.

Cooper’s office said Tuesday, however, that now the figure has risen past 29,000.

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My Myspace account is so private, a friend has to ask to be a friend twice! And this is why.


Mine is private too and people ave to ask for my permission to be my friend or to even message me. If I don’t know you, you can’t be my friend on myspace. That thing is just too personal and don’t want people seeing pictures of me or read what I post. It’s meant to be for my family & friends only.

That is why I have it on private. Too many psychos out there.


I have an idea- why don’t we send photos to the people we love and talk to them on the phone- instead of posting photos on the internet and writing prose that they can read?


This is why I prefer Facebook :thumbsup:


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