29 yr old woman studying a Degree vs preparing for Marriage

Do both. By all means continue your education and get the degree. If you choose to marry, do that too. And teaching is often chosen as a great career for Moms because you will have the same schedule as your children, with summer and holidays off. Also - keep in mind that children grow oh-so-quickly! Even if you stay home with them when they are small, you might be very happy to return to teaching when they are in school as well. And as some have mentioned; your family might need you to help support with your job as well - you never know what the future holds. Both an education AND marriage and family. They go together awesomely… likes eggs and bacon. Or, in my case, avocado and bacon. :wink:


I’m in Canada, and it really is a different world up here. We have an excellent health care system which I’ve benefited from numerous times. I’ve never understood your health care system or why the States cannot have a program like ours or the NHS.

My brother lives in America and doesn’t buy any health insurance, lived through a bout of covid, self-isolated. He lives like it’s the Wild West when it comes to health. That’s his own risk-taking. Maybe Medicaid would have kicked in?

I pay nothing for health care except about $1100 per year for an insurance plan for prescriptions and a dental plan.

For me, the huge cost of education was living expenses, essentially not working for four years. When I’ve visited the States, it seemed a lot of people were very entrepreneurial. But I think those big box stores like Walmart are wrecking things for you all.

My sister and I grew up with a girl who got married very young (probably 17ish/18ish) and was widowed a few years later with toddler twins. She really struggled.

A lot of worries here about being a window.

The first cause of the ending of a marriage for young people is divorce. Divorce is very likely to happened. Death is unlikely!

If we survive without divorcing, yes, the majority of women will be widow, but in older age, when having a career or even working will be out of the possibilities.

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That’s when rich men trade in their old wives for a newer younger model.

I know a lot of men who do this. Most of the older wives have spent their best years as stay at home moms who dedicated their lives taking care of the children and making a nice home for their families and now they’re discarded for being old.

Surely we can’t be all instagram models. :roll_eyes:

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I have to say with my wife being a nurse the hours can definitely fluctuate. It certainly has changed for her over the years. I will say you need to go to school because it is something you want to do. Don’t get a teaching certificate/degree if you are not interested in the profession. You will quit after a very short time.

Also I read some bashing here about teachers. Go help in a classroom volunteering. You will gain a whole new level of respect for your child’s teacher. Instead of bashing them you should be asking how to help them. The vast majority of teachers my children had went the extra mile for their kids. Yes they thought of our kids as theirs too. When my wife and I started helping at the school it was an eye opener. The parents that complained the most were the ones that never lifted a finger to help. As most of the teachers told us, they love the children, the parents not so much.

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