2nd coming of Christ and the establishment of a New Jerusalem?!


What do these mean, I have read some Karl Rahner books which make the subject extremly vague, some writtings by Pope Benedict 16 but he beats aroudn the bush it seems to the point of vagueness as well and the catechism is to short and does not give enough detail.

Can someone help give me some answers to this (not a 2 word answer either). I know literally Christ will come and judge all mankind and usher in a new Jerusalem etc, what does that mena though?!


All human beings that have ever lived are part of a finite line leading to eternity. Obviously no-one but the Father knows when time is up, and we are to stand ready every single day in joyful anticipation of Jesus’ return.

God is essentially building His eternal family to join Him in the New Jerusalem (Heaven) through all eternity.

Jesus will return and make a final judgment of all souls, past, present and the souls alive at the time of His return.


I was lookgin for something a little more concrete than that. I neeed to do a full page on the dffference btw the general and partiuclar resurrection… a page on what the 2nd coming, resurrection of the bodies and ushering in of the new jerusalem means…


and going along with that line of reasoning then what is the difference btw being in hell after the particular judgment but before the general? IS their an experiental difference? This is why i said i need more than 2 line answers


Okay, then start with the Catechism, which has many paragraphs devoted to this subject.


Go here: scborromeo.org/ccc.htm, and use the search feature to look-up what the Church teaches about these subjects.


I don’t mean to be rude by posting that but i have searched the catechism already.


Okay, then try the Catholic enclyclopedia online at:



You can search the encyclopedia for all sorts of papers, just try different search strings and you should get what you want.

If that fails, try the Bishops site:


If that fails, go to EWTN.Com, and even check the sources here on Catholic Answers.


I hope those sources help. I am done for the night.

God Bless :slight_smile:


I say open God’s inspired Word and read that. My thinking is: why not go to the One who actually wrote on it?

Whip out Revelation and dig in.

Pray and ponder on what He is teaching us…


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