2nd Commandment


A department administrator sits in his office with his door open next to my work station. He is constantly taking the Lord’s name in vain. I have told my direct supervisor who sits across the hall that this offends me. I have brought in headphones to use while I work. I still hear him when they are off. I have asked to have my desk moved but my supervisor is waiting to ask the about this when the department administrator is in a good mood. I can’t help be think if he was saying anything else offensive related to race or gender he would be reprimanded. What I can I do?


My heart goes out to you… and to Our Lord. Until the situation can be corrected… I would suggest that you make an offering of it… to Jesus. Offer to take the “sting” to your own heart, in an effort to console Our dear Lord, that His Holy Name is being abused by the administrator. And pray for the administrator. Pray for him very much.

Sadly, the misuse of the Holy Name of God… and in particular, of Jesus… is a common thing nowadays. Let us pray for a return to a deep respect for the Name of God.

Hope this helps in some way.


Admin, talking on the phone: "oh, jesus christ. . . "


Admin: "oh my gawd. . . "


Admin: "that god-d*mn project. . . "


Maybe something like that? Seriously! Since his door is open and you can hear him plainly, I’d assume that he’d just as easily be able to hear you. I’d bet if you did this, he’d either close his door or stop altogether. :slight_smile: Another thing: a teacher with whom I used to work always ushered up a silent “praise You Jesus” whenever she heard a fellow teacher take the Lord’s Name vainly. You could do that as well.

Hope the talk with your supervisor yields positive results!


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