2nd Edition of the RSV Ignatius Bible


Does anybody know anything about the 2nd Edition of the RSV Ignatius Bible that just came out? It is leather and looks really nice.
(Is it orthodox and trustworthy is my main concern)
I know that the RSV is highly recommended by a lot of C. Apologists.


Yeah, I know everyone recommends the RSV-CE here. I would have bought one but could never find a nice edition. My new parish settled it all for me, I guess when they gave my wife and I copies of the NAB for RCIA. I’m not one for nuance so I don’t think the NAB’s footnotes will lead me too far astray!

If I have real questions, I ask here anyway!


From Jimmy Akin’s webpage at jimmyakin.org/2006/02/you_heard_it_he.html
citing Mark Brumley of Ignatius Press

…We have reset the type and added the section headers to make reading easier–we weren’t initially allowed to do any of that when we published the Catholic RSV. And we moved the footnotes.

We have eliminated the archaisms (although people who like them can still get the RSV, 1st Catholic edition of the Ignatius Bible). We have tweaked the RSV translation.

The second edition of the RSV is an Ignatius Press exclusive. It is the only English language translation of the Bible updated specifically to correspond to Liturgiam Authenticam. Some of the “tweaking” to which I refer above is to bring the RSV into line with Liturgiam Authenticam.

Ignatius Press is also publishing a new English lectionary based on the RSV, 2nd Catholic edition. This lectionary may not, at present, be used in the Liturgy in the U.S., although it is approved for use in the Antilles and the Holy Father was presented with a copy in December. Whether the USCCB will permit it to be used remains to be seen, but other episcopal conferences of English-speaking Catholics may. We’ll see.


Good to know. What’s the big beef w/ the NAB again? The footnotes or the translation?


[quote=Brian_C]Good to know. What’s the big beef w/ the NAB again? The footnotes or the translation?

There’s a ton of threads on this. If you do a"search" (found at the top of the page, you’ll find 'em quickly.


Yeah sorry! Didn’t mean to threadjack!


Thank you Fidelis!!! =)

God Bless.


[quote=Brian_C]Good to know. What’s the big beef w/ the NAB again? The footnotes or the translation?

A little of both. Jimmy Akin speaks of the NAB footnotes on his blog, see here:


Of course Bob Sugenis’ partner Ben Douglas rips the NAB to shreads, but many of his concerns are justifiable.


Does anyone know why the Ignatius RSV-SCE has yellowish paper? I don’t have a problem with it; I am just wondering what the thinking is. Also, after spending some time with my new softcover edition, I am liking it quite a bit. It has a nice big floppy feel to it, and it sits open on the table very well, without seeming to strain the binding. This is a big improvement over the 1st ed.


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